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 ”Meraki” – Gold Coast Family Day Care


 ”Meraki” – (May-Rah-Kee) describes ‘doing something with soul, creativity, or love – when you put “something of yourself” into what you are doing, whatever it may be.

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Educator Victoria Edmond operates ‘Meraki Family Day Care’ from her home in Lower Beechmont. (8 minutes drive from Nerang)  It’s a nature-based program for children 0 – 5 years old.

About Victoria

Victoria is a gregarious woman, with a huge love of children, gardening, cooking and community.  She is a talented singer and cook, with a particular love of making food with love for those in her circles. Victoria grew up on the Gold Coast on this mountain, and has a sincere love for the people and the place. Her home is testament to this love, with flourishing food garden beds, and fruit trees all round.

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Children’s Play Room

Colourful and inviting, the stylish and aesthetically pleasing designated play space in Victoria’s house gives children lots of opportunity to play creatively with loose parts play.  Victoria has a designated home corner with doll play.  There’s dress ups, block and building play, car play, puzzles and games, and lots of props to recreate stories and for puppet shows. She has a book nook too.

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Outdoor Environment

Victoria’s outdoor space includes a sandpit, bikes and trikes to ride, an undercover verandah to ensure children spend some time outside every day, and vegetable gardens. Victoria and the children also take regular walks to the delightful and quaint park space at the top of the road, a green grassy haven where children can run and play freely, away from the cars and in the fresh air.  The children and Victoria revel in their visits here – it’s a highlight of their days!

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Daily and Weekly Rhythms, and Mealtimes

As a team member of our Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care Scheme Gold Coast, Victoria takes inspiration from Steiner early childhood education and aims to provide a BIG HEARTED program full of love and care for her charges.  Her program and curriculum is held by a daily and weekly rhythm within a seasonal term.  Victoria’s weekly rhythm includes cooking experiences, painting and artistic experiences, craft, and gardening. Her daily curriculum includes songs and oral stories, lively games, and circle times where children develop their fine and gross motor capabilities.

Victoria tells stories using simple handmade props. Children LOVE to listen to these stories and then ‘play out’ the stories during their own play time, and use loose parts to expand their language capabilities too.  Children rest (or sleep) for a short period daily.

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Crafty Kids


Victoria provides a dedicated art and craft program for the children. She combines a variety of small daily projects with a longer ‘term’ project too. All her projects and activities utilise quality materials such as beeswax crayons, lyra pencils, plant-based stockmar watercolour paints, and cotton, felt and wool materials. The children LOVE to make things and are so proud of their creations.


Victoria also hosts seasonal festivals for families once a term, and you and your family are invited to come along to see a showcase of what the children have been doing, learning, and singing, while sharing a meal together.

Victoria has the dual role of being the first Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care Field Coordinator, and on Mondays and Fridays, spends time visiting the other educators and children in our scheme.

Details for Meraki Gold Coast Family Day Care

  • Opening hours. Tuesday to Thursday,  7am to 5pm.
  • Enrolling children from Babies to School Age.
  • Fees $11.00 per child per hour.
  • CCB and CCR approved.
  • A maximum of four children under school age each day.


Vacancies will fill quickly, so call to arrange your interview today on 0488 369139.

Or click the blue link for our online enrolment form for QLD to start the ENROLMENT process of your child at Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care now.  (You will be redirected to our Hubworks page.)


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