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marta Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care Scheme Gold Coast

 Crafty Mushrooms with Marta Koncz

with Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care Scheme Gold Coast


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Meet one of our Family Day Care Scheme Gold Coast educators, Marta Koncz.

Marta is a gorgeous woman, with a smile for everyone and much loved by all.  She is a talented artist, with a particular love of fibre arts including felting. She is heavily involved with the Silkwood School craft group as her son attends this school, and has hosted a number of workshops to inspire other women to ‘fire up their creative spark!”.  She is also involved with the Gold Coast Hungarian Society and helps to faciliate workshops and Hungarian School events.  Marta has always wanted to be a teacher of little children and is delightfully happy to finally be doing the work she loves. (FYI, Marta is also our capable Accounts Manager and a Co-Director of RBFDC. She’s multi-talented!)
marta garden 15
Marta has lived on the Gold Coast for many years, and recently moved into a home in Nerang (near Silkwood School) with the view to opening her own family day care service.  Marta and her husband Zoli have transformed this house into the perfect family day care space by creatively painting the entire interior and exterior, extending the outdoor area and tiling the verandah, building an enormous roof structure to shade and protect the outside entertainment area, making an entry pathway to family day care, and establishing all the new fruit and vegetable gardens and wall planters.
marta garden13

Children’s Play Room

In this beautiful Gold Coast climate that we live in, it makes sense to take advantage of fresh air and sunshine all throughout the year. Marta’s family day care set up encourages that, with her main space as an indoor/outdoor structure that protects children from the rain and heat, but allows cool breezes to float through.

Colourful and bright, Marta’s play space offers children lots of opportunity to play creatively in all kinds of scenarios – home corner, doll play, dress up play, block and building play, and puzzles and games. She has a book nook where children may rest while they enjoy delightful picture books.
marta garden10
marta garden11

Daily and Weekly Rhythms

As a team member of our Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care Scheme Gold Coast, Marta runs a Steiner-inspired program.  Her program and curriculum is held by a daily and weekly rhythm within a seasonal term.  Children are supported and nurtured to develop and grow in a program that gently helps them to become self-regulating through the use of regular touchstones.  Marta’s weekly rhythm includes cooking experiences, painting and artistic experiences, craft, and gardening. Her daily curriculum includes heartfelt songs, lively games, and movement circle times where children are supported to move and develop their fine and gross motor capabilities.
marta garden8

Storytelling and rest room

Marta loves to tell oral stories using simple handmade props. Children LOVE to listen to these stories and then ‘play out’ the stories during their own play time. (This is helping to grow the vital skill of imagination and the ability to self direct their own play, something that is being lost in our technology-loving world.)  Children rest (or sleep) for a short period daily.

marta garden6

marta garden9

Care-taking – that little bit of extra effort!


One of the key characteristics of a Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care Scheme Gold Coast educator is that they are encouraged, supported and guided to provide that extra touch of caretaking to your children.  In Marta’s case, her personally labelled toothbrushes, dedicated spaces for bags and shoes, meal time nourishment, organisation, and craft abilities are visual representations of the work she puts into her service.  Children feel safe, and cared for when they see these extra touches.  It’s these little things that prove her dedication to the job of educating and caring for young children.

marta garden4


marta garden3


marta garden2


marta garden1


Green thumbs

Marta is a green thumb who loves to show the children how easy it is to grow their own food. Recently they grew corn from seed, then harvested that corn, dried it and then collected the dry corn kernels to plant in spring – it’s a living breathing picture of the seasonal cycle of food production right there.  The children have already been eating the fruits of their labours too, as well as sharing those baby cherry tomatoes with their families.

Outdoor time also includes play time in the shaded sandpit, swings, climbing gym, trampoline time, and games on the grass.

The children in Marta’s groups return home happy after a day’s activity and “work”, that’s for sure.

Details for Crafty Mushrooms Family Day Care


  • Opening hours. Tuesday-Friday,  8am to 5pm.
  • Enrolling children from Babies to School Age.
  • Fees $12.50 per child per hour.
  • CCB and CCR approved.
  • A maximum of four children under school age each day.


Vacancies fill quickly, so call to arrange your interview today on 0488 369139.

Or click here to start the ENROLMENT process of your child at Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care now.  (You will be redirected to our Hubworks page.)


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