Steiner Family Day Care Brisbane – Garten for Kinder with Monique!

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Steiner Family Day Care Brisbane – “Garten for Kinder”.

Steiner-inspired rhythms support the children to move gently and harmoniously through their day.





Steiner Family Day Care Brisbane

Our educator Monique (Moni) operates her Family Day Care Brisbane in Sandgate. Monique is a mother of two children and currently operates 3  days a week as “Garten For Kinder Sandgate”.  Monique is a kind and loving person, with a huge smile and warm delightful personality. Monique is working hard to provide a Steiner-inspired space filled with lots of nature play, and outdoor time. Monique hails from Germany and you’ll love her calming, level-headed presence.






Nature Kinder

Monique loves to craft, and create a warm inclusive space for the children using natural materials, and her nature table is reflective of the seasons.

Monique has begun her foundation training with us and is Cert 3. qualified.  Monique’s program and curriculum is structured around a daily and weekly rhythm. This loose structure gives children confidence and security, and allows them to know what is coming up.  Within this structure, children have the freedom to play imaginatively for many hours of the day, supported and guided by Monique’s presence.

Monique shares her love of storytelling with simple puppet shows, and incorporates what we call ‘magical language’ to encourage children’s imagination and creativity, as well as guide children’s behaviour positively.




Outdoor Environment

Children love Monique’s outdoor space. There’s a covered sandpit area, a homemade teepee, a mud kitchen, swings, a veggie patch and opportunities for dirt and MUD play too! An outdoor nature-based ‘forest style’ kinder is the focus of Monique’s day, as she believes that nature play and time spent outdoors is a crucial part of children’s development.














Nature Based Activities


She has an area outdoors where children will be guided through simple crafting activities, watercolour painting, breadmaking, and cooking experiences too.  Monique uses only quality materials and aims to ensure her program and curriculum is led by the child’s needs and interests to develop a well rounded child. Caring for the vegetable patch with the children is a priority and she looks forward to being able to harvest their own fruits, vegetables and herbs from this plot to  use in the cooking and mealtime experiences too.

Eating is a big part of their day too.  She sits with the children and strives to be a role model for imitation, gently guiding and encouraging children to try new foods, use manners, stay seated while eating, and enjoy the ritual of eating  (to the limits of a child’s age and ability of course.)






Monique’s home is a warm welcoming space for families and children to visit.  We’d love you to meet gorgeous Monique and take a look for yourselves. Spaces are limited, so please contact us to arrange your inspection soon.


Details for Garten for Kinder

  • Opening hours. Wednesday to Friday,  9am to 3pm.
  • Enrolling children from Toddler to School Age.
  • Fees $13.00 per child per hour.
  • CCB and CCR approved.
  • A maximum of four children under school age each day.



Vacancies fill quickly, so call to arrange your interview today on 0488 369139.

Or click here to start the ENROLMENT process of your child at Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care now.  (You will be redirected to our Hubworks page.)



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