Rainbow Bridge Workshops- The Taste Test Sessions

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rainbow bridge workshops

 Rainbow Bridge Workshops     Rainbow Bridge Workshops   If you are looking for new inspiration for your team, or want some insight into sustainability, or simply want to see what we are up to, please come along to try what we offer! Book online below, or call 0488 369139 to secure your spot.   Rainbow Bridge Workshops- Session One:…

My work at Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care

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rainbow bridge family day care

Did you know that mid-last year we started Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care? I’m co-director along with my fabulous colleagues Victoria Edmond and Marta Koncz, and we have RBFDC educators on the Gold Coast, the GC Hinterland, Tweed and right down to Myocum near Byron Bay. It’s the sole reason I’ve not been on my blog quite as much.. Setting…

10 more creative ways to display flowers in the home

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creative ways to display flowers in the home

Fresh flowers. Don’t you just love them?   There is one thing that transforms a house into a home.  That thing?  Fresh flowers.  It doesn’t matter if they are a professionally arranged display or a tiny drooping bunch handed to you in a cone of silver foil from a little 4 year old, flowers bring a little bit of happiness…

Introducing Roam the Gnome!

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Roam the Gnome

Introducing Roam the Gnome!   Did you know, that earlier this year, I launched a BRAND NEW Travel with Kids website, Roam the Gnome.  You see, while I adore craft and creative adventures, I also LOVE real life adventures with my kids to super fun places. (Some of you might know I took my two boys around the world in…

Lunchbox idea: Stainless steel lunch tins from camping or disposal stores

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stainless steel lunch tins

  Why I LOVE our stainless steel lunch tins   In 2000, my daughter began her schooling journey at Silkwood.  Some clever parent or teacher (goodness knows who but what a fab idea) suggested that the children could use stainless steel lunch tins, like the ones used for camping, as lunchboxes.   Almost 15 years on, here it is.  It…

How to Nuno Felt a Silk Scarf

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how to nuno felt a silk scarf

Want to know how to nuno felt a silk scarf? Read on…   Here we are, my friend Carrie and I at “Saviour of the Lost Arts” about to begin our Nuno Felting scarf workshop.   Our teacher was Julie of The Mountain Spinnery.  Julie is about to start teaching classes in Woolloongabba.  Visit her website for details. Why not make…

How to Make Toy Horse Reins (Children’s toy)

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how to make toy horse reins

How to make Toy Horse Reins using fingerknitting and a piece of handmade felt!   Over the years, the horse reins from felt and fingerknitting have proved to be a big favourite with children and adults alike.  They are super simple, yet really effective, and are often the first ‘toy’ that a mother makes for her child with her own hand.  It…

Lessons from an Industry Expert on Pregnant Belly Plaster Cast Making

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belly cast in progress 2

Introducing Robyn Janetzki   Body Painting Industry Expert Robyn Janetzki of Always Wicked Art is also a master of the art of belly casting- the process of making a mold (mould) of your gorgeous bump using ‘plaster of paris’-infused gauze bandage strips. While it is possible to buy a pregnant belly plaster cast kits these days, the process of casting…

How To Sew A Small Doll By Hand

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how to sew a small doll by hand1

How to sew a small doll by hand No. 21 in the 30 Days of Dolls Series: ‘The Fonz’   Isn’t it funny how crafty projects can take on a life of their own? I know that each doll I’ve been making of late has begun life as a ‘project’, and has morphed into a ‘personality’ or a ‘character’.  This…

Free Treasure Hunt Games For Children

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free treasure hunt games for children

Free treasure hunt games for children   A little while ago, I took Ned to his friend Q’s birthday party. Q and his family live on a lovely property with lots of trees, perfect for this party game. It’s a treasure hunt with a difference. To make it, you’ll need as many paddle pop (ice lolly) sticks as you have…

Recipe for a Happy Day

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recipe for a happy day

Recipe for a Happy Day Ingredients: 1 cup of friendly words 2 heaped cups of understanding 4 heaped teaspoons of time and patience A pinch of warm personality A dash of humour Method: Measure words carefully.  Add heaped cups of understanding.  Use generous amounts of time and patience. Cook on front burner but keep temperature low. Do not boil. Add…