Children Imitate Parents: Imitation for Learning

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children imitate parents

Children Imitate Parents:

The Power Of Imitation For Learning



Here is a really cute video reminding us how powerful imitation really is. This sweet video makes us laugh but there is a message in here. Children imitate parents… and caregivers, and teachers, and siblings, and grandparents, and….just about anyone who has some kind of impact upon that child’s life. Imitation happens whether the person they are imitating are good, or bad, influences. So let’s make sure that the child’s beacons of light are shining brightly!

Imitating ballet is fun. Imitating someone laughing is fun. Imitating someone

But imitating the actions of someone drinking heavily, smoking cigarettes, taking drugs, swearing, being nasty or spiteful, or being grumpy or angry or violent is NOT so wonderful. Or healthy. Or nourishing. Or sustainable. Sooner or later, these bad habits become the child’s bad habits.

So let’s remember the power of imitation and stand up for good stuff. Let’s try each day to make sure what we bring to our children is WORTH IMITATING. Like this lovely girl imitating her mum. Groove is in the heart.

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