requirements to start a family day care

While this list can look overwhelming at first, rest assured that our team will support you and be by your side for every step of the way.  The registration process takes 4- 6 weeks generally but can be fast-tracked or slow-tracked, depending on your needs. We are here to help you.  Call us on 0488 369 139 to discuss any concerns or queries you may have.


Establishment Costs: These are things that must be in place before registration can be granted.

  • Registration with RBFDC $200
  • Ongoing yearly registration fee $200 (This is collected annually upon the date of your initial registration. yearly admin fee)
  • First aid certificate and CPR
  • Anaphylaxis & emergency asthma management training
  • Medical clearance if necessary
  •  Police check – fraud  $45 approx
  • Cost of professional training qualifications as required (Minimum Cert III in Children’s Services)
  • Your own Public liability insurance  $600 per year approx.  (Some organisations offer a 3 month intro for $200 approx to help you budget your start up costs)
  • Business registration ABN  etc $100 approx
  • Logo creation (optional) for website, facebook page, PR, marketing etc
  • Fire safety equipment (blanket, extinguisher, smoke detectors) Equipment to be checked professionally every six months
  • Working with children check application (NSW) or Blue card (QLD). Fee applicable. ($100 approximately)
  • Adaptations/modifications to your home residence or venue as necessary to meet regulatory requirements eg glass safety, fencing, softfall under playground equipment etc to meet Kidsafe guidelines.  Cost varies from residence to residence. Regulations state glass must be “glazed”  below 1000 mm.
  • Pool compliance safety certificate annually – approx. $150 (if applicable)
  • Business rate of vehicle registration (if applicable eg excursions, outings, pick ups from school)
  • Business/office equipment and supplies
  • Basic Indoor and Outdoor Toys and equipment set up – Eco friendly, wooden, recycled, handmade. (We have a toy library you may borrow from to start up)
  • Sleep mats and/or cots/portacots (meeting Australian standards).  Try Ikea.
  • Vehicle safety check, carseat restraint/ seat check (for playgroup attendance or school drop offs etc)
  • Vehicle insurance – business rate (if applicable)
  • Stationery – USB sticks, child folio folders, journal book for each child, journal books for documentation, colour printing ink, paper, a working printer, coloured pencils, pens, chalk etc
  • Educator portal with Hubworks software system (not essential at present)
  • Lockable filing cabinet (may be secondhand)
  • Child proof locks, handle covers, plug covers, door jams, etc – $50 approx
  • Resources and publications, early childhood membership with particular organisations etc (after registration- optional)
  • Nappy change table if required
  • Plastic buckets and bins for soiled items
  • Cleaning products and tools
  • Furniture and equipment to furnish your Family Day Care (sign-in desk, storage locker/facility for bags, fridge, child size chairs and tables, shelving, craft storage)


Ability to complete within 6 months of start date:


  • Child protection training
  • Food safety certificate



  • Must meet Australian standards for cots/car seats etc
  • Equipment Suggestion List will be provided to all educators upon registration.


Mandatory Training:


  • First aid, anaphylaxis, asthma, CPR (yearly)
  • Child protection (once only)
  • Food safety certificate (once only)
  • Attendance at our RBFDC 10 x 2.5 hour foundation course sessions (big-hearted care) within first 18 months  (offered on Friday nights in your city or town, or within a reasonable travelling distance, or via webinars)
  • Also 2 x CREATIVE BOOSTER weekend workshops per calendar year  (10 on offer. You are welcome to come along to as many as you like. Cost is $30 co-contribution to cover food and venue hire.  Course and materials are subsidised by RBFDC)
  • Seasonal Craft and Seasonal Planning sessions (Attendance voluntary BUT these two nights each season are our educator’s FAVOURITE thing!)


NB: Failure to ensure you meet mandatory training standards may result in a suspension of your registration with RBFDC.


Non-mandatory Training


  • We have many other opportunities to create, have fun, plan, and build friendships with other educators at weekly and weekend gatherings and creative boosters too. Pick and choose. (Attendance voluntary)


What you can earn:


  • Your own business. You set the fee. We are happy to help guide you in the right direction with this if necessary.
  • The fee you charge is an hourly rate, and must be equitable depending on your experience, qualifications, program and curriculum you offer, availability, the uniqueness of your home or venue, any special considerations, ages of children you care for etc.
  • You can also set a ‘minimum hours’ rate (for example, every parent pays a minimum of 7 hours regardless of their actual use.)
  • Our sliding schedule of fees at Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care is between $10.05 and $14.50 an hour total at January 1st 2016. Your hourly rate must fit within these amounts.
  • The educator levy is $1.75 per child per hour from January 1st 2016. This levy is used to cover the service’s administration fees, wages for field coordinators, training costs, materials, transport etc)  This levy includes the cost of our service managing all your parent fees, and paying you each fortnight automatically, without the need to collect any fees direct from parents. (A massive time and effort saving for you, and one of the biggest benefits to educators according to testimonials from our current educators). The educator levy must be included within your total fee. For example, to take home $10 per hour gross, your fee will need to be $11.75 per hour to include the educator levy of $1.75 per child per hour.
  • You hand in fortnightly attendance sheets and when processed, are given the CCB portion and the CCR portion on the Friday of the submission week, assuming the CCB/CCR has reached Rainbow Bridge accounts.  Parent portions of the fees are processed on the day after they are invoiced, and parent portions of payment are paid the Friday of the week after submission.  (eg CCR/CCB one week, parent portion the other).  RBFDC will deduct parent levy and educator levy before income payment is made to educators.  All other charges (eg stationery, annual registration etc) to educators will be invoiced and these invoices are payable to the service within 7 days
  • You are responsible for own tax and superannuation.  We are happy to help you find a suitable tax agent who understands family day care requirements.

Please note: Educators are able to increase their fees once a year on the 1st day of January in line with CPI.


Other Fees and Charges


  • Parents pay enrolment/registration fee of $60 per year to the service. We waive this first year fee if families are coming to us if you are transferring from another service.  All parent fees are payable to the administration office.
  • Educator registration fee is $200 per year payable on your yearly sign-up anniversary.
  • You may also ask for a food levy from the families once per term to help you cover the cost of ‘whole food’ ingredients (eg bulk spelt flour, coconut oil etc)


Service Hours


  • Our service hours are 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. Our service remains open throughout the year, with the exception of the Christmas holiday period where we shut down the service from 25th December to 1st January, reopening on the 2nd January
  • You choose your opening hours within this framework.  Work as much or as little as you choose. We suggest a minimum of 7 hours a day if you wish to fill your places quickly.
  • We are also looking into our ability to allow you to offer care outside normal hours, at nights and on weekends should you need it.


Field coordinator visits:


  • Field coordinators visit new educators each week for 4 weeks, then fortnightly or once every three weeks, ongoing. RBFDC reviews all educator registrations informally at 3 months and semi-formally at 6 months. A complete educator and residence/venue review is held on the anniversary of registration.


Commitments of RBFDC Educators:


  • Keeping mandatory training up to date. If your qualifications become invalid, your business must cease until your qualifications are updated.
  • You will commit to 10 x 2.5 hourly ‘foundation modules’ training with us to retain service membership. This must be completed within first 18 months. It is a once only commitment.
  • You must also attend a minimum of 2 weekend ‘creative booster’ workshops out of the Creative Boosters on offer during the calendar year. (Ongoing, each year.)
  • You must complete an induction with us before commencing care.  (3 x 2.5 hour sessions)
  • You must ensure that your planning, programming and evaluating meets RBFDC standards and uses our templates. (Or the information from our templates if you choose to present your planning in your own style.) We will be observing your planning and evaluating on a regular basis.
  • You must commit to hosting some form of family festival once a season
  • You must have a Cert III in Children’s services, or commit to enrolling in and commencing a course before you can legally become an educator.


If these commitments seem beyond what you are happy to commit to the role, then Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care Pty Ltd might not be the best fit for your business.


Information Sessions for New Educators


These sessions run regularly and offer us a chance to expand upon this information. There is always time for questions too. Call the office on 0488 369139 for upcoming dates.

Rest assured, when you become an educator with Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care Pty Ltd, you will be supported with practical knowledge and skills to plan, prepare, and successfully run your day and your business.

More information can be found on the E0B Information Session Powerpoint Presentation RBFDC document given out to new educators during information session, or please call Victoria on 0448 996 630 with further questions or queries.


Are you an Exceptional Educator looking to make a difference in children’s lives?


If you ARE looking to be an exceptional educator, with all the creative support and training of a big-hearted team, you have found the right place!

Please call Victoria on 0488369139 to start your new journey!



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