Helping a child to overcome an irrational fear: hooting owls in our backyard

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My little boy is terrified of the sound of owls.
Really, truly, scared.
Our home in the hills is pretty quiet, so birdsong (and owl toots) are readily heard.
This is lovely most of the time, but unfortunate at night.
The sound of an owl will wake him from his sleep on the first toot, so powerfully is his consciousness attuned to their noise.  And he has real trouble going back to sleep once he knows they are outside.
The toot can be almost silent to my ears, evidence that the owl is really, really, really far away but he’ll still wake.  The power of the hearing organ really amazes me.  Truly. I’m gobsmacked.
We have had to become very creative in how we manage this fear.
He believes that the owl toots, “Woo, hoo, go to bed, Ned. Go to bed, Ned”
and that only friendly owls, (our wise and intuitive guides) live near here.
And more.
But, when I saw this Owl whistle, I just knew he had to have it.
It is from A Toy Garden and comes in three different sizes.
This is the large and it really does make a great hoot!
It worked a treat!
Ned has a new best toy, and carries it to bed with him every night, clutching him as he goes to sleep.
One happy mama!
Perhaps you have a similar problem?  Have you come across an object to buy or made something creative to help a child overcome an irrational fear?
We’d love to hear about it.

3 Responses to “Helping a child to overcome an irrational fear: hooting owls in our backyard”

  1. W-S Wanderings

    Well, he is one lucky boy, having a mama like you who so lovingly and creatively helps interpret the world for him. Beautiful.

  2. Amber Greene

    Thank you. It is the potential for creative responses that inspires my parenting! I don’t always get it right, of course but sure beats the same old way of dealing with him every time.

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