Ipads in Early Childhood Education. Incorporating the use of ipads in the early years classroom?

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child on ipad

    Ipads in early childhood education?  YES or NO?   A while back, I read that three kindergartens in Queensland are taking part in this new study to examine the ‘educational benefits’ of ipad use, particularly concerning the development of literacy and numeracy in preschool children.  I nearly choked on my cup of tea! ipads in early childhood education….

Why I love Waldorf Kindergartens

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waldorf kindergartens

(Ned’s 6 year old birthday celebration) “Long have I searched for you, you wicked creature”   Why I LOVE Waldorf Kindergartens   Ned and I were in the bath last week after Jack had gone to bed, and he started telling me the exciting news that he played the ‘Woodcutter’ that day at kindergarten. Without further ado, he said in…

How To Make A Handmade Card For Teacher

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How To Make A Handmade Card For Teacher

  How To Make A Handmade Card For Teacher 3D Pop-Up Doll Dard No. 23 in the 30 Days of Dolls Series   With Christmas approaching, lots of people start thinking about Christmas gifts for their child’s teacher. If you, like me, have been blessed with a teacher who has shone a bright light upon your child and loved them…

Ken Robinson Ted Talk On Creative Education For Kids And Life

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ken robinson

Ken Robinson TED Talk on Creative Education for Kids If you have kids, then I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you take 20 minutes and watch this Ken Robinson TED talk video. There is a reason it is the most watched TED talk ever. His ideas about what our children will be facing in their schooling life, and beyond into their unknown future…

The car race game: a movement game and tool for left to right brain integration

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race track game with pencil 2

As an early childhood educator and a mum, I want to make sure (as we all do) that my son has plenty of movement opportunities, especially things that help develop his left-right brain integration which is so important (crucial?) for academic readiness and formal schooling preparation. And the most effective way to do this is through fun and games. Recently,…

How to hand-stamp festive words onto Gingerbread biscuits

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Don’t you just love personalised biscuits? Children do too! We made a batch of gingerbread and the children cut out Christmas trees, gingerbread men, stars and moons. And then we stamped them! These metal letter stampers can be purchased from any tool shop. The large set for approximately $25, the smaller set for about $20. I could only purchase upper…