How to make a pom pom with yarn for an apple prop or decoration

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how to make a pom pom with yarn

How to make a pom pom with yarn Pom Pom apples for an Autumn nature table display I really love the simplicity of a few wrapped branches in baby glass bottles and a tribe of pom pom apples. Such an easy craft but super cute.     (These natural timber mushrooms are pretty handsome also!) Remember pompoms from childhood. Have you…

Autumn Harvest Festival Ideas

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autumn harvest festival ideas

Autumn Harvest Festival Ideas from Ned’s school celebration   Just over a week ago, Ned and his classmates invited us (the families) to come and share in a little seasonal festival fun!  I wrote yesterday about the gorgeous autumn fall leaf bunting made by the children that was hanging in among the branches of the trees. But there was so…

How to Make a Fall Leaf Garland (Autumn)

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how to make a fall leaf garland

How to Make a Fall Leaf Garland An activity for children in Autumn using simple sewing.   On the last day of term, Ned’s kindergarten celebrated with an Autumn Festival. (Oh my. I do love a kindergarten festival. Stop by tomorrow for a sneak peek! Better late than never.)  When we arrived, we were invited to head on down to…

How To Make Wee Folk Dolls With Beads

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how to make wee folk dolls apple child

How to make wee folk dolls with beads. No. 18 in the 30 Days of Dolls Series: A variation on Waldorf doll ‘root children’, this apple child will set your heart aflutter.   Many years ago, I remember seeing a little ‘root child’ made of two dark brown beads glued together, covered in brown material. I also had something similar…

Nature Table Waldorf: Mother Earth Pine Cone Doll

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nature table waldorf

Project #26: Nature Table Waldorf Mother Earth Pine Cone Doll Time: 15 minutes plus pine cone ‘treasure hunting’ time! Difficulty: easy as falling off a log! Yesterday, I made a gnome using a pine cone and I promised another pine cone craft today. Pine cones are not the easiest of nature finds to work with- they are a bit limited…

The Autumn Star Fairies Song for children

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star apple puppet show

The Autumn Star Fairies Song on Youtube There are some songs for children that just capture your attention and melt your heart.  This song, The Autumn Star Fairies, is one of those!  I just love it. Ned’s teachers at school sing this song, and he has been singing it at home for weeks. I’m so pleased that they were happy…

Make an felt treasure bag catch-all for seasonal adventures: a how-to tutorial for the first day of Autumn

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ned with autumn treasure bag

Happy first day of Autumn! (And happy first day of Spring to all my northern hemisphere readers too!)  Today, I’d love to share with you a little project I’ve created for Ned, an autumn-inspired felt treasure bag to take on seasonal walks.  Ned and I love our walks (they have been a little rare of late) and finding nature-inspired treasures,…

How to use an apple slicer

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Have you ever seen one of these and wondered what it is for… I did for years, until I saw one in a kitchen shop with a printed brochure attached. It is for cutting apples! You simply place it over the apple core/stalk and press down, preferably with two hands, but I can only use one when I take a…

How to make an Autumn leaf fairy doll from felt and wool fleece

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Here is another way you can use pipe cleaners to make a simple dolly. Wrap a small piece of pipe cleaner around a 1cm bead like so. Twist an arm piece around the stem and add two smaller beads for hands. Twist the pipe around these and secure tightly. Cut out this shape for the faerie dress. You can also…

How to make a Pumpkin Peek-a-boo card using cardboard!

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Here is what you’ll need to begin. The pumpkin template is 14cm wide, and 10 cm high. The height of the pumpkin pixie’s body is 10cm. Trace a pumpkin shape onto card and cut it out.  Use a stanley knife to cut a line through the card, somewhere close to the top of the pumpkin. (I have shown it here…

How to make Apple and Date Slice

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A firm favourite this week. Base:   1 cup wholemeal plain flour 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon all spice 125 gram butter, melted 1 cup rolled oats 3 tablespoons honey 2 egg yolks Mix all ingredients together in a bowl until they combine, then press into a deep flan tray. Filling: 250 gram dates, finely chopped 1 tin cooking…