More woodwork ideas with John Elliot, master craftsman

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Check out this great idea! It is a spinning game and 5 year old children can make it with a little help from mum or dad.   It is simply a ring of timber cut from a branch. Two holes need to be drilled with a hand drill (children can turn the handle whilst the adult supervises the safe grip…

Woodworking ideas for young children with John Elliot

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I love the IDEA of working with wood. But to be honest, I have no clue. I leave it up to my husband. But I was intrigued enough to sneak into the woodworking workshop on offer the other week. John Elliot, a gregarious former school teacher, and woodworker, and all round good guy, was the teacher.  This man is inspirational!…

Transforming gun play, Part Two.

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A few days ago, I wrote an article about the idea of ‘transforming’ gun (and sword) play. Interestingly, someone found the idea that I would want to change a child’s gun play (and therefore, something that arises from their true nature) into something else, a little bit offensive. (This was interesting to hear, not least because in my examples of…

How to stop or transform ‘gun’ play in young children

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  In my many years of working with young children, I have learned to ‘look behind’ outward behaviours to try to understand the archetype of what a particular behaviour might really be about.   When I have an inkling of what the child might be striving for with a particular play style or game, it can be a dual win….

How to encourage imaginative play in young children

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Two words. Sleep. In. Yes, the other night I went to bed at 1am.  Not that unusual for a MamaMoontime at all, but Ned decided to wake at 5.50am the following morning. Of course, that would not do at all! So I gave him something to eat, and brought him into my bed with a book so I could snooze…

Supporting Boys in Early Childhood Education

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I just had an email from Katie (thank you) and have been in contemplation all day about the joys and challenges of raising little boys. Having my own son has been the catalyst for me to really SEE (with open eyes-oh my gosh, I’m shocked!) the difference in how boys and girls play. It really got me thinking again about…