Bread making with young children

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bread making

Bread making with young children in playgroup by guest writer, Jen McCormack   Bread making seems to be one of the familiar and reliable activities you will find in Waldorf/Steiner kindergartens and playgroups. With rhythmic kneading of dough to a soothing melody sung by adults and children, this time is looked forward to and enjoyed by all. I had second…

A spoonful of sugar: Making jobs fun for children

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“A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down“  Last week, it was raining when Ned and I arrived at preschool. This meant that instead of beginning outside and playing in his beloved sandpit, the class began inside. What greeted the children was a table full of tiny puddles of flour, one in front of each child’s seat.  But these were not…

How to make perfect bread dough, and a bread baking song

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Yippee! Finally, a recipe that works every time to make the most delicious bread rolls! Just mix it all together, then knead it and let it rise for 30 minutes in a warm spot in the kitchen. Knead it for a second time after the rise. Ingredients: 500 gram best quality flour you can find (I use Kialla wholemeal stoneground…