Anxiety in children: 15 practical and creative suggestions

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anxiety in children

Anxiety in children: 15 practical suggestions Not long ago, I was talking with a friend who wanted some creative suggestions for helping anxiety in children, specifically, her child to overcome her separation anxiety.  This is such a tricky one, you know. In real life, when many of us do have to return to work or study when our children are…

Self Care and the art of nourishment: Parenting Tip

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I took the advice of a wise sage yesterday and gave myself a day off. Do you ever take a day off? Really? Truly? (I struggle to do that!) So, this is the parenting tip of the day: Self Care and the art of nourishment.  I’m all for balance.  In theory.  But in reality, my life swirls like a hurricane….

“The Home” as motif for quality child care

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Can you imagine a place, where up to 20 little children are mostly free to move about from room to room, under the watchful loving guidance of five co-workers in a big old warm timber home?   (The exception to this might be when one co-worker blocks off a room with a low barrier frame to keep inquisitive babies from knocking over the…