Advent Time Preparation- a celebration of the Four Kingdoms of Life

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advent time preparation

Advent Time Preparation. What is Advent?   Many of us know a little bit about “Advent” and marking time to Christmas by those little cheap cardboard calendars they sell in all the supermarkets come this time of year.  You know the ones- covered in Dora the Explorer, Winnie the Pooh, Ben 10, Spiderman motifs and filled with a little piece of…

30 Easy Christmas Crafts to Make by Amber Greene

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easy christmas crafts to make

30 Easy Christmas Crafts to Make at Home (Why just the kids? Lots for the mama who likes to craft too!)   Last year, I blogged one Christmas Craft per day, all the way through November. You might have joined in…? I seriously can’t believe it is over one year ago that I did that. It seems like yesterday. This…

Advent Calendar Experience Ideas- Gnome in the Home

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Gnome in the home Advent Calendar experience ideas gnome pm

Advent Calendar Experience Ideas   Project 1 of 30: “Gnome in the Home” You might have heard of ‘Elf on a Shelf’. You buy this little Elf toy and each evening leading up to Christmas night, from the 1st to the 24th of December, you make him do funny things. (After the children go to bed of course!) And each morning,…

Mrs Claus and Santa Toy: Peg Dolls

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mrs claus peg doll

Mrs Claus and Santa Toy: Handmade Peg dolls       Santa and Mrs Claus took the time to pose for a quick photo before Santa’s big journey begins this weekend….>Don’t they look sweet together? (This was our crafty project at last weekend’s Crafternoon #6 hosted by me)     If you’d like to make your own Santa and Mrs…

Reindeer Food Recipe for Christmas Eve Preparation

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Santa’s reindeers sometimes need a little guidance on the landing strip approach to our house. A little bit of shiny glitter sugar or sparkles should do the trick, don’t you think? And I’m sure they must be hungry too, so let’s make them some sparkly reindeer food. This is a job for helpful children, as you can see. To make…

How to make a Felt Christmas Wreath

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This is my favourite thing I’ve made all year. I absolutely LOVE it. I hope you do too! Firstly, I must give thanks to a random 70′s crafting book that I picked up from a local op shop. One of the patterns in the book was for a paper leaf wreath, and it is from this that I transformed it…

How to make a handmade felted Christmas candle holder

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I love red. I love red and white. Don’t you? They are just so magnificent together. This simple candle holder would make a great centrepiece for the Christmas Day table, don’t you think? It is an easy craft and not at all ‘precious’. This candle holder was designed by one of my best friends in the whole world, Jen McCormack,of…

The Christmas Spiders by Natalie O. Kononenko

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Don’t you just love a Christmas story that focuses on the beauty and goodness of the simple things in nature?  Years ago, I came across a lovely story called The Christmas Spiders by Natalie O. Kononenko in some random book and I have loved it ever since. I took the seed of this story and made it our own for…

How to make white clay personalised Christmas star decorations

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Inspired by the many ceramic stars I have been coveting (and purchasing!) this year, I wanted to make my own version for children I love. Wouldn’t you love to make some for your precious children too? All you need is a 500 gram packet of air dry clay in white colour, a set of alphabet letters, a stamp pad and…

Eco Advent Calendar by EcoFootPrints

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One of my newest blog finds (a little bit of treasure right here in Australia!) is Little Eco Footprints Tricia wrote a lovely post about making an Eco advent calendar! I love it! How sweet, simple and refreshing to use and find things in nature for this! And then as an extra special treat, she also gave 24 suggestions of…

Make your own hand-felted poinsettia-inspired felt mat for Advent time

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Today is the first day of Advent. Last year, I posted a series of articles about Advent and the progression of events and meanings behind this four week lead up to Christmas. You can read the first one Advent Time . Today, we have a new felt candle centre for our family table. I wanted to make something beautiful and…

How to make a Felt-covered Christmas shopping notepad

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I’m a big believer in bringing beauty and creativity to even the smallest of things.   (In my MamaMoontime Club course and soon-to-be-published book, there is a whole session on this! Find out more by visiting )   There is no excuse for an ugly notepad in your handbag after this! Firstly, cut out a piece of felt about…

How to make a peg doll- Mother and baby

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The mama’s all made a peg doll for their advent table but you could use this template to make any kind of peg doll. They are wonderful old fashioned dolls for the doll house, make fabulous shoe friends (clipping two shoes together in a pair) and are marvellous at helping children find their own hat home.  Why not personalise them…