Make your own ‘moving picture’ drawing with an Easter hare for storytelling: a how-to tutorial

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Collette Leenman easter picture

  My friend, author Collette Leenman, asked me if I’d like to share this ‘moving picture’ illustrative craft with my readers, and of course, I jumped at the chance!  I love Collette’s work.  Two of her books, Easter in Autumn, and Enchanted Birthdays, are favourites of mine. Her artwork and drawings bring the content to life.  Definitely a worthy investment….

Celebrating Easter with thoughtful, non commercial ideas

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On Wednesday night, my friend Sandra Frain hosted her Easter parent education evening.   She prepared a dinner (this was her kind treat to her parents in her group) of delicious pumpkin mash, boiled eggs, roasted sunflower seeds in tamari, their own pumpkin seeds from their garden toasted, homemade pesto, aioli (mayonnaise) made by her 18 year old daughter, freshly made…