The Joys of Crafting by Christina Lane.

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Contemplations on the joy and challenges of a crafting life By Friday’s Guest, Christina Lane. Why do this? “This” being days spent creating small nature scenes from tiny bits of fleece, felt and yarn. It can be painful at times, too, stabbed by the barbed needles and all too often requires resisting fatigue to work through the night. Why indeed become…

The culture and community-building benefits of basket weaving with Friday’s Guest, Deb Cole.

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The culture and community building benefits of basket weaving  with Friday’s Guest, Deb Cole.    A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to attend a basket making workshop with Deb Cole.  Strangely enough, in the week prior to the event, I actually worked alongside Deb in my son’s kindergarten and we started talking basket weaving.  Today, I’d like to…

Growing up in the neighbourhood. A story by Felicity St John

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My friend Felicity is one of those kind of people who just manifests good stuff in her life.And one of her recent manifestations was a move to be closer to the beach. Not just any beach, but one of the most magnificent beaches in the world.  Now, we all know we can’t pick our neighbours but somehow, Felicity managed to…

Little Chips Handcrafts and the Q’ewar handmade doll project

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A few weeks ago, I met Annie from Little Chips Handcrafts. Annie’s display featured the most lovely dolls with delicate knitted clothes and I was intrigued to know a little bit about where they had come from.  Annie shared her story with me, and I like it so much I want to share it with you too!   Little Chips…

Surprise Snail Mail Love in the letterbox

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Gosh, how we missed our Moondew friends, Ned and I. I am so happy our friends are back! Ned helped me to make a little Welcome Back postcard and we sent them to all our Moondew friends. How lovely is it to receive something other than a bill in the postbox???? What was the last non-bill thing you received?

Therapeutic Storytelling with Susan Perrow

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I’m so fortunate to know Susan Perrow. She is a master storyteller extraordinaire. In past posts, I have shared something of our adventures with Susan in making up and sharing games. Recently, though, a group of women, including myself!, were lucky enough to participate in Susan’s famous Therapeutic Storytelling Workshop held at our local beautiful “child-love-and-care centre”, Fingerprints. I love…

More alternative ideas for Christmas gifts, parties and activities by Felicity St John

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My friend Felicity kindly shared with me this article that was published in the Friends of the Birth Centre newsletter 2009 and Special Delivery- Friends of the Birth Centre 2009.   I’m so excited to be able to republish it here for my MamaMoontime friends! She has some fantastic ideas! Enjoy! Creating a Sustainable Christmas by Felicity St John Ever notice how…