How to dye fabric with plant dye matter

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plant dye

  Eco dyeing with plant dye I’ve wanted to learn more about dyeing fabric with plant dye for quite some time now.  So I was very excited to see that one of the potential workshops I could do at Vital Years early childhood conference was eco-dyeing!  I just had to put it as my first preference and thanks to Melissa,…

Seed painting: A how-to tutorial

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A few weeks ago, we went to an eco-friendly festival. This was one of the activities on offer. On the table were five or six small dishes filled with acrylic paint, and mixed into the acrylic paint were all kinds of seeds- sunflowers and daisies included.  The children were then given a large sheet of butcher’s paper and invited to…

Morning Star Crafts, a shop of silks and wool dyed using plant colours

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  Morning Star Crafts was one of the featured stalls at the conference. Elizabeth stocks a wide variety of natural and organic products, including items from the Weleda range, organic cotton facecloths (divine!), beeswax candles and books.   But the most beautiful things on her display and in her shop have to be the lovely PLANT dyed items.   My…

50 Alternatives to Gifting Toys for Presents

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Doesn’t it seem that children of today have so many toys? I try to pare it down, but no matter how much I do, there always seems to be too much. Is that true for you too? And with each Christmas, birthday, party invitation, celebration or day at the shops/op shops, more toys seem to appear. So, this Christmas I will…

How to make a wool pom pom using fleece

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Cut a small strip of cardboard, about 10 cm long. The width is up to you. For a small tail, this card is about 1cm wide. The final pom pom diameter will be double the width of this card. Make them as big or small as you like!   Gently, tear strips (1cm wide) of fleece from a sliver. Aim to…