Preparing a Meaningful Festival for your Family, Class and Community with Sandra Frain

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sandra frain

 Preparing a Meaningful Festival for your Family, Class and Community with Sandra Frain My lovely friend and colleague Sandra Frain, she of boisterous exuberance, a laughing love of life, and sheer sweetness, is running this amazing new workshop on June 22nd in Byron Bay.  (Sandra is one of our Rainbow Bridge Upcoming Presenters too, and she may very well repeat…

Autumn Harvest Festival Ideas

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autumn harvest festival ideas

Autumn Harvest Festival Ideas from Ned’s school celebration   Just over a week ago, Ned and his classmates invited us (the families) to come and share in a little seasonal festival fun!  I wrote yesterday about the gorgeous autumn fall leaf bunting made by the children that was hanging in among the branches of the trees. But there was so…

Winter Round-up: Craft and event ideas

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How to: make a wool pom pom useful for knitted bunny tails, hanging mobiles, keyring tags.. the mind boggles with potential uses! How to make a groovy slide package for a delicious block of chocolate How to: Embellish your own winter-inspired matchbox Winter Party Invitation: Peg Doll How-to: Celebrate Winter with your own apple spiral family celebration Winter Angel made from…

How to make a Treasure Hunt to welcome Spring!

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Our Spring Festival was a Family Treasure Hunt in our favourite local park. For many years, I have hosted Spring celebrations- Maypole dances, Spring fairy rings, flower garland making, and so much more, but never a treasure hunt. This is just the right kind of thing that every member of the family can engage in! We arrived to find that…