How To Make Felt Flowers: DIY Bookmark

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how to make felt flowers

Project #22: How To Make Felt Flowers: DIY Bookmark Time: 30 minutes Difficulty: Making flowers is lovely fun!   I needed a new bookmark, and inspired by the twistie rope that keeps the communication book at Ned’s preschool open for us to read and write in, I thought I’d make a flower inspired one. I learned how to make felt flowers…

Easy Flower Craft For Kids: Fairy Dancing Queen

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flower craft

Project #1: Easy Flower Craft For Kids Fairy Dancing Queen Time: 10 minutes maximum Difficulty: Easy Peasy   And so we begin! A whole month of nature crafts. Fun! I hope you’ll come and see what I’m up to, and hopefully you’ll join in too. I would love to make a gallery of some of your creations so please take…

A last-minute handmade gift idea for Mother’s Day

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jar vases with flowers

I’ve been slightly preoccupied and hands-tied these past few weeks with baby Jack and to be honest, Mother’s Day had almost slipped my mind…until yesterday. I thought there might be some other women out there like me! So, inspired by my friend Carrie’s 2012 crafternoon tutorial, I came up with this simple flower vase craft.  You have time to make…

DIY Satin Flower Brooch or Hair Pin tutorial by Dionne Coburn

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A week ago, my friends and I celebrated another Crafternoon. This time, it was Dionne’s first time to host. She led us on a journey to make Satin Flower Brooches or Hair Pins. Here is the DIY tutorial, just for YOU! Satin Flower Brooch or Hair Pin Tutorial Firstly, you need to cut out some circles in all different sizes…

Poinsettia Flower brooch: A how-to tutorial

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Poinsettia bushes, a native Mexican shrub, are popular as an indoor house plant at Christmas and no wonder!  Their flowers are just splendid, don’t you think? So christmassy and gloriously coloured and regal. I love them. So, I set out to make a poinsettia brooch I can wear on Christmas day, or any day in fact. You might like one…

How to make a handmade hibiscus flower Wedding Ring Pillow

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My friend Jemma married her lovely man Leon just the other weekend. Jemma was an education student a few years back, completing her teaching degree in my classroom but she has been my teacher as much as I have been hers, and I was honoured to be invited to her wedding. As a crafty soul, I pondered what I might…

How to make a sunflower wee peg doll

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The first step in making a sunflower doll is to paint a hairstyle. I like flicks and cute curls, and swirls that tickle the doll’s cheeks. I use Montemarte acrylic paints. These cost about $12 for a set of small pots in 12 rainbow colours, but any fair to good quality, acrylic paints will do. The wee doll forms are…

Making dolls: simple felt flower doll

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Making dolls: simple felt flower doll Here is what you need to gather. The length of the felt is about 6 cm. The width of the dark blue piece is approx 4cm whilst the other pale blue width is approx 2cm. Firstly, take the large piece. Fold it in half so the two short sides meet and sew it up using blanketstitch….

Springtime Flowers and Butterfly Game by Jana D’Arville and Kellie Dean

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We recently had a chance to make up our own game.   This one, by Jana and Kellie, was the favourite of the night. You might like to use the tune to “In the Springtime Garden” from the Wynstone’s series as they did, or make up your own tune.   In the springtime garden Where we sing and go Butterflies…