DIY Salad Bar Party.

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diy salad bar party

DIY Salad Bar Party A Month of Food Fun on PFE…Day One   Every day during February (or as often as I can- life is PRETTY BUSY this month, even busier than usual…but I’m striving to get here fairly regularly…), I’m going to share some ‘Food Fun’ ideas. These are things I’ve been gathering over the years from friends, family,…

Easy Welsh Rarebit Recipe On Toast

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Easy welsh rarebit recipe on toast

“Welsh Rabbit” Easy welsh rarebit recipe on toast   When I was a little girl growing up, my Grandpa was known for his speciality recipe all of us grandkids just loved, and demanded. He called it ‘Welsh Rabbit’. These days, I know it as ‘welsh rarebit’ but honestly, as a kid, I did think Welsh Rabbit was the real name….

Paper snack cup made from origami paper square

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paper snack cup 8

In the same way we made the paper carry bag yesterday to carry little treasures, this origami craft can also be used as a quick and easy dish to hold snacks such as popcorn, crackers, or fruit like grapes, strawberries or blueberries.  Don’t have a plate?  Whip one of these up in a second using whatever paper you have handy….

Baking fun with children: How to make your own piping bags

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piping bags

  How to make your own Piping Bags Here’s a quick and simple idea for a bit of weekend fun.  Make your own piping bags and invite your children to decorate some cookies or a cake.  Do you know this fabulous trick?  Piping bags made from zip-lock sandwich bags.  Easy and inexpensive too. How to… All you need to do…

How to make an Origami Box with Flaps – Candy Box or Cute Stationery Holder

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how to make an origami box with flaps 1

How to make an origami box with flaps.   These origami boxes with decorative wings are traditionally used to hold candy or lollies. But I think they would look pretty darn cute on your desk holding fancy push pins or funky paper clips. (Don’t you just love the blue dolphin paper clips?  Big W in Australia sell them for about $3…

Easter Handmade Gift Bag/Card

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Wednesday Wonderfuls  Easter is on its way. Oh yay! One of my favourite things ever is those little chocolate Easter eggs. Don’t they just taste so good? Here is a novel way to give a few as a gift, inside a handmade card. Cut a piece of cardboard 30cm by 11cm. This is large enough to hold a cellophane cookie…

Host a rainbow-inspired party for children

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My friend Tania’s littlest one turned 3 a few weeks ago. L. wanted a rainbow party, so Tania made her one! The invitation contained a message for the invitee and asked them to wear a particular colour. Ned’s colour was green. And so the rainbow festivities began…. There was a rainbow fruit platter and the children were invited to make…

Hand-rolled Sushi “Te-maki sushi”: A how-to tutorial, with Friday’s Guest, Mari Clark.

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This is my friend Mari. A few weeks ago, Mari invited us to dinner at her beautiful eco-friendly house. She prepared the most delicious meal of hand-rolled sushi, ‘te-maki sushi’. It was unlike any sushi (even hand-rolled sushi) meal I’ve had before and WOW…. yum! She has kindly offered to share the recipe with us all. Friday night’s dinner?  Here…

How to make bee-inspired cupcakes

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We’ve had lots of buzzing bee fun this past week- we’ve sung buzzy bee songs and danced in a buzzy bee circle.  We’ve eaten honey flower toast and made crafty bees too. And for a special treat, we ate buzzy bee cupcakes.  These were inspired by Donna Hay .  Oh, I love her work.  So stylish. And just that little bit…

Cooking with children: Fruity Trifles

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Fruity trifles are a big hit around here. The wonderful thing about them is that children make them up, and the very act of participating in the creation of this treat encourages them to eat a variety of fruit, some of which they may have never tried before or have claimed they don’t like.   You need a number of…

How to make Chocolate Spiders using Chang’s fried noodles

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This is all that is left! If you like a mix of chocolate and peanut butter ( Baskin Robbins Peanut Butter n’ Chocolate icecream, anyone???)  you’ll love these! Chocolate Spiders. Supposedly, they are an Australian classic- sold at fetes and fairs everywhere, but I confess to only having my first try at my friend Merridee’s house late last year (Thank…

How to make mountain bread salad wraps

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Want to encourage your children to eat lots of different foods? Presentation helps. So does letting them make the food themselves. So, this week, the Moondew children made their own mountain bread wraps. On offer was: tomato slices, cucumber slices, capsicum, creamed corn, avocado slices, cheese, grated carrot, home made hommus (a little heavy on the garlic side!) and free-nut…

How to make Peppermint Bark

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Don’t you think it is great when children can participate in making Christmas goodies to give to family and friends? Peppermint Bark is a lovely treat and children can join in in loads of ways to help. All you need is 3 blocks of good white chocolate (we used Cadbury’s) and 24 candy canes. This makes 2 slice containers full….

How to make pizza with children’s help

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First thing to do is to make the pizza dough. My friend Jen gave me this fab recipe. Pizza Dough Mix the first three ingredients together to set yeast process in action. 3 teapoons yeast 1/2 teaspoon sugar 1/2 cup warm water Then add the following things, and mix everything together. Knead to form a pliable dough. (Add more water…