A Letter From Santa On Christmas Morning Personalised Puzzle Idea

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A letter from Santa on Christmas morning Project 3 of 30: Make this personalised puzzle treasure hunt   I LOVE Christmas morning, and I do love to draw out the gift-opening fun as long as possible. I’m one of those mamas who will wrap tiny things in box, after box, after box, after box just to see the look on…

Games for trips in the car

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games for trips

Photo source Games for trips in the car It is holiday time and we are heading off to Sydney to visit family. As I will also be attending a conference while I’m there, we are going by car. Which means 10 long hours on the road…..with no ipad or in-car dvd player to keep my boy amused. So, it’s time…

Easter Egg Trail with 10 clues by Mishy Dee Designs for sale on Etsy

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My friend and neighbour Michelle has been up to some creative tricks!  Inspired by her mother-in-law Wanda’s yearly adventures preparing a handmade Easter egg hunt for her children and grandchildren, and now living on the other side of the world, Michelle set out to recreate the traditional Easter Egg trail for her son in Australia. She has taken the idea…

Truck-themed game for boy birthday parties: Find the tools a truck driver needs and collect a token

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tokens for truck game

  I’m busy planning my son’s 5th birthday Dinosaur party.  It’s in less than two weeks and hopefully the new baby won’t make a surprise entrance before then!   But last year, Ned had a truck-themed do.  This was another game we played. My husband drew seven truck-themed pictures (keys to start the truck, lunch for the truck driver to…

Treasure Hunt in the Sandpit Game

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Ned’s birthday was a ‘dirt and mud’ themed gathering. So a digging in the sandpit treasure hunt game kind of qualified. I wrapped up 20 little parcels. There were single tubs of playdough, lego truck stickers, matchbox trucks and a few sandpit shovels. I punched out two circle tags of each colour.   Each parcel was labelled with a different coloured…

Easter Bingo

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If you are looking for some Easter fun beyond scoffing chocolate, why not play Easter Bingo? All you need to do is to make up some bingo cards with Easter-themed words on them, one card per player.  Be sure to have one word on each card that is exclusive to the pack, ie: not appearing on more than one board…

Tap Tap construction game for children

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Have you ever seen this Hammer Nail Tap Tap game? They are sold in sets-  shapes, or animals, or houses or trees.  Each set comes with a number of timber pieces cut into the specific style, pre drilled with a small hole.  There is also a cork board, a container of tiny brass pin nails and a wooden hammer. I store…

Parent Tip: A Christmas game for giving and receiving

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I love Christmas.  I love the decorations, the lights, the Christmas cheer and the Christmas spirit. I could watch my favourite film of all time, While you were sleeping, over and over and over again.  I love dressing up in red even more often than I already do. I love Christmas trees and pantomimes and parades. I love relaxed social…

Using coloured matchsticks to make simple pictures

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I found this small bag of coloured matchsticks a few years back in a cheap store. I’ve had them in my cupboard and have never known what to do with them, other than maybe collage… When I found a clear lidded box from an old puzzle, I thought of a use. Perhaps, the matchsticks could be like rainy day ‘blocks’…

Unique circle games and party games for toddlers and preschoolers

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Here are some games you might like to try! (Also, great for use in family day care, childcare, preschool and the early classroom years at school) Why not use a game to make your way from dinner to the bath, or lunch to rest? The fun of the game, especially when played at the same time each day for a…

What to do when a preschool circle or story doesn’t work?

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For the past week, I have spent hours learning a new story circle about a pancake that ‘jumps out of the pan and away he ran’.  I’ve never done this one before, and I have had so much fun playing around with the simple actions. This story circle is filled with movement- the children jump, run, do horsey kicks, bounce…

A Valentine Love Heart Game for little children

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Happy Valentine’s Day!! Our Valentine Tree. Actually, I was going to use a real branch. But I bought these ‘sticks’ on Saturday for another project to come, and when I was about to pull them apart, I saw that I had actually purchased a cone shaped trellis! Wonderful!! The love notes hang around the tree, ready to be given to…

Decorate a Cupcake activity and a fishing for balloons party game

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Last year, Ned and I went to the 100th Anniversary Fair of our local school. This is the school where my next door neighbour’s daughter goes to, and the same one my younger sisters attended when we first moved to Queensland.   The Spring Fair was held on a Friday, to enable the day to be run almost completely by…