Art With Leaves: Little Leaf Girl

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art with leaves

Project #12: Art with Leaves Little Leaf Girl Time: 30 minutes Difficulty: Glorious fun on a sunny day!   I wanted to make art with leaves and fashion a fairy skirt for a little leaf girl doll and although I thought of many ways I might do it, I came back to a trusty old favourite of using pipe cleaners…

How To Make Fairy Garden Furniture

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doll house furniture

Project #11: How to make fairy garden furniture Doll house furniture using tree branches   Time: As long as it takes to find the right branch, let it dry, and use a saw to cut it up Difficulty: Complicated for those without right tools, but there is an answer!   I have a confession to make. I did not make…

Outdoor Playground Ideas: music, worm farms, mudpits, and chalk drawing walls

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Wow! Can you imagine an outdoor playground with all these things? *a music tree *a teepee     a worm farm (oh, those juicy worms!) a veggie bed a mud pit a bike and car track paint and chalk walls a bamboo screen cubby moveable features and differing terrain. Future planning includes: tube telephones a moveable series of connecting pipes…

Planting seedlings in a vegie garden

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Our good friend Moondew Mama Sandi, helped us to plant the seedlings in our garden a few weeks ago. The no-dig bed was set up and filled with dark brown soil. To this, we added a big bag of mushroom compost, brought down with Sandi from her lovely village on the mountain behind my valley. ¬†Mushroom compost helps to nurture…

16 fun, useful and good ideas for Teacher gifts or presents

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Teachers are one group of people who really need support and creative nourishment. As a former teacher, I can tell you that it can take WEEKS of mostly laying low, reading and resting to regenerate energy to step up to the plate for the next term. ¬†Anything we can do as parents to help this process along is truly welcome…

Storytelling with Sandra Frain

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A few weeks ago, I organised and participated in a Storytelling workshop with Sandra Frain as our guest presenter. I love storytelling and good story, and I love to be inspired by great storytellers. Sandra lives story with every breath. It is not something to learn, or do at a certain time with particular props, or to be read only…