Free Treasure Hunt Games For Children

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free treasure hunt games for children

Free treasure hunt games for children   A little while ago, I took Ned to his friend Q’s birthday party. Q and his family live on a lovely property with lots of trees, perfect for this party game. It’s a treasure hunt with a difference. To make it, you’ll need as many paddle pop (ice lolly) sticks as you have…

5. Angel Paper Doll

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paper doll

30 Days of Dolls: Angel Paper Doll No. 5: Sweet Seating Placeholder or Invitation Card   Every Christmas, I make at least one Angel Paper Doll using gold or yellow painted paper with Ned. They are the perfect crafty activity for kids too. They can paint the paper, trace the templates, cut them out (with your help or tidy up)…

3. Painted Peg Doll Fun

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peg doll

30 Days of Dolls: Painted Peg Doll Fun No. 3: Peg Doll Girl in a Winter Coat   I love peg dolls. They remind me of stories of Old England, as children sat by the fire crafting, knitting or making peg dolls with mama and grandma on cold frosty evenings, music playing on the gramophone. In the days before television,…

Making a family memento photo book using a Blurb template

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blurb photo book1

My daughter Henrietta turned 18 last New Year’s Eve.  I wanted to do something pretty special for her birthday and give her a gift that she would treasure for the rest of her life.  For years, I had been making her a very simple scrapbook album.  On a double page spread, I filled the left side with photos (ones I’d…

Adorable and Elegant Gifts to Give

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In my quest for everyday elegance, I’m often thinking about and searching for stylish gifts to give. Things that are both beautiful and practical, but that most importantly take note of the personality quirks and traits of the receiver.  I love the idea of ‘it’s the thought that counts’ when it comes to gift giving but there is a big…

Parent Tip: A Christmas game for giving and receiving

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I love Christmas.  I love the decorations, the lights, the Christmas cheer and the Christmas spirit. I could watch my favourite film of all time, While you were sleeping, over and over and over again.  I love dressing up in red even more often than I already do. I love Christmas trees and pantomimes and parades. I love relaxed social…

Easy Homemade Bath bombs and Bath Salts: A how-to tutorial with Friday’s Guest, Cath Penwar

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Making Bath Bombs and Bath Salts with Friday’s Guest, Cath Penwarn Making bath bombs and bath salts is messy fun so it pays to collect all your bits and pieces before you start. You’ll need: small baby food jars with lids, scissors, paper for decorating the lid, glue, clear plastic cookie bags for your bath salt gifts, a pencil to…

Reindeer Food Recipe for Christmas Eve Preparation

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Santa’s reindeers sometimes need a little guidance on the landing strip approach to our house. A little bit of shiny glitter sugar or sparkles should do the trick, don’t you think? And I’m sure they must be hungry too, so let’s make them some sparkly reindeer food. This is a job for helpful children, as you can see. To make…

Make a Felt Bowl: a how-to tutorial. Part Two

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Thread a needle with white cotton, tie a knot and leave about a one inch tail. When your felt circle is dry, run a gathering stitch using this cotton around the perimeter of the shape. Sew the thread about 1/2 cm from the edge. When you are back to the start, pull on both cotton tails to gather the tacking…

Make a Christmas key-ring from felt

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Here is a quick and easy craft that makes a nice gift for a teacher or a distant friend. I like handmade keyrings.  I love that I can carry a little bit of daily artistry with me in my handbag each and every day.  You can too. Firstly, make a fold on the centre of your template.  The area between…

Humorous Handmade Cards for a humorous wedding gift

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When Chris and I married 4 years ago, his family game him a gift. Inside a large box were a selection of things he’d need for married life. Many of these were things to help keep ‘the wife’ happy (!) It was creativity like I’ve never seen before…. There were  ’just-in-case’ gifts (a fancy nightie or a booklet of coupons…

Waldorf doll making theory by Jennifer McCormack

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doll by jen

The Secret of the Doll: BEAUTY, TRUTH and GOODNESS by guest writer, Jennifer McCormack.   BEAUTY Waldorf dolls were inspired by the teachings of Dr Rudolf Steiner and by the doll-sculpting techniques of Kathe Krusse. They were originally very simple dolls possessing the barest essence of humanness in their features, for this allowed the child the freedom to connect to…

Winter Round-up: Craft and event ideas

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How to: make a wool pom pom useful for knitted bunny tails, hanging mobiles, keyring tags.. the mind boggles with potential uses! How to make a groovy slide package for a delicious block of chocolate How to: Embellish your own winter-inspired matchbox Winter Party Invitation: Peg Doll How-to: Celebrate Winter with your own apple spiral family celebration Winter Angel made from…

Handmade gift ideas: stitched felt frogs and autumn leaf boy

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How cute is this? The frogs were a gift to Ned for his birthday from his friend Keone, made by his mum Mari at the Silkwood Craft group.  I’m unsure of the designer of this pattern, but someone might like to let me know via the comments… He also received this gorgeous little Autumn leaf boy in the post. (Actually,…