How to make ghost decorations from muslin for Halloween

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BOO! Can you imagine children being greeted by these friendly ghosts? (The magnificent pink light in these two photos is the result of that outrageous storm that crossed Felipe’s Halloween birthday party) There were more of these ghostly friends inside too. Gabi made these by first fashioning a ghostly shape from styrofoam.  One large block was the base.  She then…

Styling a Halloween Party with Gabi Panissa

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One of my closest friends has left town. Gabi’s husband Julio was invited to transfer to Canada for two years and so they headed off a 2-year adventure yesterday.  Lucky things! So, they hosted an early 2nd birthday party for their son Felipe and made it a Farewell do too. Gabi is one of the most creative people I know,…

How to make Chocolate Spiders using Chang’s fried noodles

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This is all that is left! If you like a mix of chocolate and peanut butter ( Baskin Robbins Peanut Butter n’ Chocolate icecream, anyone???)  you’ll love these! Chocolate Spiders. Supposedly, they are an Australian classic- sold at fetes and fairs everywhere, but I confess to only having my first try at my friend Merridee’s house late last year (Thank…