How to Make a Washcloth Bunny Rabbit

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how to make a washcloth bunny rabbit

How to make a Washcloth Bunny Rabbit Makes a lovely handmade gift idea for Easter or Springtime!     My teaching friends Jennie and Jemma were given a Washcloth Bunny Rabbit as an easter gift, and when he was three, I made Ned his very own pink one. He did love pink!   There is still time to make one for your…

How to make an Origami Box with Flaps – Candy Box or Cute Stationery Holder

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how to make an origami box with flaps 1

How to make an origami box with flaps.   These origami boxes with decorative wings are traditionally used to hold candy or lollies. But I think they would look pretty darn cute on your desk holding fancy push pins or funky paper clips. (Don’t you just love the blue dolphin paper clips?  Big W in Australia sell them for about $3…

A no-frills cheap Christmas or birthday gift for young children

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In this month of Christmas excess, I was reminded that sometimes the most simple of things, in this case a whole bunch of pegs from the peg basket, can be the best gift ever. Playing with pegs! Who’d have thought a pack of pegs could ever be such fodder for children’s creativity? Ned and his little friend spent at least…

Mrs Claus and Santa Toy: Peg Dolls

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mrs claus peg doll

Mrs Claus and Santa Toy: Handmade Peg dolls       Santa and Mrs Claus took the time to pose for a quick photo before Santa’s big journey begins this weekend….>Don’t they look sweet together? (This was our crafty project at last weekend’s Crafternoon #6 hosted by me)     If you’d like to make your own Santa and Mrs…

Easy Homemade Bath bombs and Bath Salts: A how-to tutorial with Friday’s Guest, Cath Penwar

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Making Bath Bombs and Bath Salts with Friday’s Guest, Cath Penwarn Making bath bombs and bath salts is messy fun so it pays to collect all your bits and pieces before you start. You’ll need: small baby food jars with lids, scissors, paper for decorating the lid, glue, clear plastic cookie bags for your bath salt gifts, a pencil to…

Wooden Peg Doll Fairy Elves: A how-to tutorial

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I’ve made a family of little fairy elves for a little event I’m hosting soon. (shhh, don’t tell!) Aren’t they sweet? Definitely nordic inspired… You can make one too. You’ll need an old fashioned peg, and a peg stand. Cut a piece of felt to fit around the peg from the ‘neck’ to the ‘mid-knee’. Use blanket stitch to sew…

Poinsettia Flower brooch: A how-to tutorial

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Poinsettia bushes, a native Mexican shrub, are popular as an indoor house plant at Christmas and no wonder!  Their flowers are just splendid, don’t you think? So christmassy and gloriously coloured and regal. I love them. So, I set out to make a poinsettia brooch I can wear on Christmas day, or any day in fact. You might like one…

Make a Felt Bowl: a how-to tutorial. Part Two

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Thread a needle with white cotton, tie a knot and leave about a one inch tail. When your felt circle is dry, run a gathering stitch using this cotton around the perimeter of the shape. Sew the thread about 1/2 cm from the edge. When you are back to the start, pull on both cotton tails to gather the tacking…

Make a Christmas key-ring from felt

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Here is a quick and easy craft that makes a nice gift for a teacher or a distant friend. I like handmade keyrings.  I love that I can carry a little bit of daily artistry with me in my handbag each and every day.  You can too. Firstly, make a fold on the centre of your template.  The area between…

Humorous Handmade Cards for a humorous wedding gift

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When Chris and I married 4 years ago, his family game him a gift. Inside a large box were a selection of things he’d need for married life. Many of these were things to help keep ‘the wife’ happy (!) It was creativity like I’ve never seen before…. There were  ’just-in-case’ gifts (a fancy nightie or a booklet of coupons…

Homemade bubble wands, a how-to tutorial using sticks, wire and ribbon

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My friend Simone prepared this lovely idea for her son’s 4th birthday party and I just had to share  (with permission of course) She cut some small branches and some 30cm lengths of wire. The adults were asked to twist the centre of the wire into a circular shape, then use the leftover lengths to attach it to the branch….

Toadstool cushion stepping stones by Natalie Cairncross

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How to Make Toadstool Cushions & Stepping Stones      Storytime Magic is Coming!  A Toadstool Cushion for You ….     Ever wanted your little ones to have their very own toadstool cushion at home?  I know I have!  And it’s a nice way to tie in playgroup routines (such as gathering in a circle on the mat) with…

How to make a handmade hibiscus flower Wedding Ring Pillow

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My friend Jemma married her lovely man Leon just the other weekend. Jemma was an education student a few years back, completing her teaching degree in my classroom but she has been my teacher as much as I have been hers, and I was honoured to be invited to her wedding. As a crafty soul, I pondered what I might…

How to make a ‘Winter Wattle’-inspired wee peg doll

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winter wattle peg dolls

To make a winter wattle inspired peg doll, you’ll need a wooden peg doll form. The first step is to paint your wee doll forms using acrylic paint. Wattle friends bodies can be forest green. Then cut out these two templates from lemon yellow coloured felt. The top form is Mr Wattle’s coat. The bottom form is Miss Wattle’s skirt….

Peg doll characters: Milly Molly Mandy and friends by Joyce Lancaster Brisley

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This is my Milly Molly Mandy inspiration. Oops, she needed a white belt, not a red one! Billy Blunt, Milly Molly Mandy, Little friend Susan. And I’m inspired to make story sets with these dolls. Simple, and easy to carry. This is Little Red Riding Hood (or Red Cap, her traditional name). I first painted her hair, and fringe. Then,…