How to make a healthy eggnog smoothie that tastes divine!

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Healthy Eggnog Smoothie Recipe Perfect milky treat for the festive season   I’m not a huge fan of traditional eggnog but this healthy eggnog smoothie is to die for. Oh my. It is good. I’ve made it four days in a row now, and I’m making it again tomorrow. The key ingredient is the three dates. Don’t even think about…

Healthy Smoothie Recipe: Cacao and Banana

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Healthy Smoothie Recipe I gave up sugar (for the 100th time) five days ago, but just before I did, I made this healthy smoothie recipe for Ned and I: delicious cacao and banana.  It’s our take on the smoothies our neighbour Glen makes for his juice business, but with a little bit more goodness! Here is the healthy smoothie recipe:…

Homemade Chai Tea Recipe

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I love chai tea so I learned how to make it myself from scratch. As nice as those shop bought mixes can be, have you ever looked at the ingredients list?  Scary stuff. My big tip: use tea bags in your mix. After a few fails where chai was so thick and gritty and not very easy to strain, I…