The Art Of Storytelling For Adults

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the art of storytelling for adults

The Art Of Storytelling For Adults Byron Shire Storytellers Event, September 21st 2013   The story is told eye to eye, mind to mind and heart to heart. Scottish Traveller Proverb c/o Storytree Since I separated earlier this year, Ned has been going to his daddy most Saturday nights. I’ve been using this time to catch up on work and blogging…

Ken Robinson Ted Talk On Creative Education For Kids And Life

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ken robinson

Ken Robinson TED Talk on Creative Education for Kids If you have kids, then I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you take 20 minutes and watch this Ken Robinson TED talk video. There is a reason it is the most watched TED talk ever. His ideas about what our children will be facing in their schooling life, and beyond into their unknown future…

Puppets For Children: Handmade Puppet Stand

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puppets for children

Project 17: I love puppets for children! Handmade puppet stand using logs and sticks from nature Time: 15 minutes plus drying time Difficulty: Adult required.   Yesterday, we made some puppets for children, two cute fish-shaped finger puppets. (At least I think it is pretty cute!)  But one thing I know about finger puppets is that they are often (usually?)…

Nature Crafts For Kids: Stick dolls

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nature crafts for kids

PFE Reader Showcase: Nature Crafts for kids I just love nature crafts for kids. I’m so excited to introduce Stick Man’s newest friends. PFE Reader Jacinta sent me these photos of her children’s creations. I hear they had a ball making their own Stick Man, and Stick Girl. I wonder what their names are..? I’m particularly fond of their woollen…

Rainy Day Indoor Activities For Kids

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Project #9: Rainy Day Indoor Activities for Kids Indoor Table Sandpit   Time: If you can stand a bit of sand on the floor, children may play there all day long! Difficulty: Child’s play!   “Nature crafts” don’t have to be complicated. In fact, this one is as easy as finding the biggest container you have, filling it with beach…

Magic Wool Fleece Trees

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story props

Project #8: Magic Wool Fleece Trees for Story Props and Play Toys Time: 20 minutes maximum Difficulty: A piece of cake   Over the years of being a kindergarten teacher, I often used a simple prop such as a nature craft when telling a story to help the children spark ideas for their own play and storytelling fun too.  Many…

Play Resources For Indoor Creative Play

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play resources

Play resources for children’s indoor creative play   Have you ever searched or wished for a list of things you could use as play resources for children’s indoor creative play?  Well, look no further. Here it is. This is the list I wanted when my daughter was small, and I’ve been adding to it over the years too. It’s a…

Creative Play: Scaffolding Experiences

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creative play

Photo source  Creative Play: Scaffolding Experiences to spark imagination! When it comes to ‘loose parts’ and children’s inventiveness, creative play can be stimulated by occasionally offering a variety of tactile things that ‘scaffold’ (in loose terms) imaginative play. Tactile experiences help to enliven the senses and may also allow a child connect to their body a little more strongly. They also encourage…

How do children play? Loose parts in action

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how do children play

How do children play?  Loose parts in action. How do children play? It’s a question that I often ponder, especially in recent times as I watch this massive growth and accessibility in technology become a huge obstacle standing in the way of free play for many young children. Then just the other day, I found this old ideas book of…

Amber’s Moondew Creative Playgroup featured in the Sunday Mail

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Hopefully, this article might inspire other mama’s (and women of all ages) to find or make something similar in their local communities. Imagine the power of a bunch of young crafty chicks? They would be building something solid and stable for their life journey, don’t you think? I really do believe that if every mama had their own creative tribe,…

Re-thinking “Gifts” and “Giving” by Susan Perrow

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Rethinking “Gifts” and “Giving” An Article for Families by Susan Perrow (2010) Originally published in Kindling magazine. Kindly reprinted here with permission from the author. Susan’s website is Healing Through Stories In the yearly cycle of family life there can be many occasions for giving and receiving gifts – birthdays, cultural and religious festivals, house-warmings, welcomes and farewells, celebration of…

How to encourage imaginative play in young children

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Two words. Sleep. In. Yes, the other night I went to bed at 1am.  Not that unusual for a MamaMoontime at all, but Ned decided to wake at 5.50am the following morning. Of course, that would not do at all! So I gave him something to eat, and brought him into my bed with a book so I could snooze…