The Pedagogical Principle of Imitation

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ned principle of imitation

The Principle of Imitation is everything   If there is one thing I am grateful for, it is the knowledge that imitation is everything when it comes to raising and teaching little children.     Every single day, I can see this principle in action.     When we are aware of this fact, then the role of educating a…

Children Imitate Parents: Imitation for Learning

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children imitate parents

Children Imitate Parents: The Power Of Imitation For Learning     Here is a really cute video reminding us how powerful imitation really is. This sweet video makes us laugh but there is a message in here. Children imitate parents… and caregivers, and teachers, and siblings, and grandparents, and….just about anyone who has some kind of impact upon that child’s…

The Imitation Principle and Dads- finding ways to modify real work

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In my Waldorf community, there are only women teachers.  I have one ever seen one male working consistently in the early years area, and he left many years ago, never to be seen again. And as much as us women try to provide balanced experiences for the children in our communities, by engaging the children in woodworking, heavy lifting, setting…