Loose parts play ideas

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autumn loose parts ideas

Loose parts play ideas Autumn Leaves and Seedpods as Outdoor Imaginative Play Boosters!   I popped in to my son’s old preschool the other day and I saw this little cane cupboard propped right on the edge of the verandah.  Yes! Baskets of autumn play props. I love it. I can just imagine the play that might grow from something…

Creative Play: Scaffolding Experiences

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creative play

Photo source  Creative Play: Scaffolding Experiences to spark imagination! When it comes to ‘loose parts’ and children’s inventiveness, creative play can be stimulated by occasionally offering a variety of tactile things that ‘scaffold’ (in loose terms) imaginative play. Tactile experiences help to enliven the senses and may also allow a child connect to their body a little more strongly. They also encourage…

How do children play? Loose parts in action

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how do children play

How do children play?  Loose parts in action. How do children play? It’s a question that I often ponder, especially in recent times as I watch this massive growth and accessibility in technology become a huge obstacle standing in the way of free play for many young children. Then just the other day, I found this old ideas book of…

“The Home” as motif for quality child care

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Can you imagine a place, where up to 20 little children are mostly free to move about from room to room, under the watchful loving guidance of five co-workers in a big old warm timber home?   (The exception to this might be when one co-worker blocks off a room with a low barrier frame to keep inquisitive babies from knocking over the…

How to make your own excavator toy for the sandpit

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You simply go to mum’s kitchen drawer and pull out that thing you’ve seen her use once or twice to grate cheese. And then you tell Mum not to come into the sandpit, because you really haven’t got anything from the kitchen at all. So cute, I couldn’t stop laughing! Have your children done this? Creativity at best. What did…

Wooden Meccano Set

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How cool is this? My friend Sandra was given this by a friend and the children in her family day care LOVE it! I think some of the older Moondew children would too. Anyone know where to get hold of one???

Open ended resources for imaginative play “loose parts”

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Moondew Playgroup started again today.  It is such a pleasure to spend time sharing stories, songs, food and play with these friends.  Ned says “moondew friends” (trys to!) and is happy to see everyone and it means I get to ‘keep my hand in’ the world of early childhood education without having to put him in childcare. Childcare- that is…