The Joys of Crafting by Christina Lane.

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Contemplations on the joy and challenges of a crafting life By Friday’s Guest, Christina Lane. Why do this? “This” being days spent creating small nature scenes from tiny bits of fleece, felt and yarn. It can be painful at times, too, stabbed by the barbed needles and all too often requires resisting fatigue to work through the night. Why indeed become…

A Valentine Love Heart Game for little children

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Happy Valentine’s Day!! Our Valentine Tree. Actually, I was going to use a real branch. But I bought these ‘sticks’ on Saturday for another project to come, and when I was about to pull them apart, I saw that I had actually purchased a cone shaped trellis! Wonderful!! The love notes hang around the tree, ready to be given to…

Peekaboo love heart note card DIY tutorial

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Are you planning on leaving a love note anywhere on Valentine’s Day? Here is a simple way to make a love heart peekaboo card to surprise your favourite loved ones. I’ve just made 36, one for everyone of my Moondew children, and one for my husband and two children too! Shhh, don’t tell! You’ll need a template to help cut…

Surprise Snail Mail Love in the letterbox

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Gosh, how we missed our Moondew friends, Ned and I. I am so happy our friends are back! Ned helped me to make a little Welcome Back postcard and we sent them to all our Moondew friends. How lovely is it to receive something other than a bill in the postbox???? What was the last non-bill thing you received?