28. Child growth and development: movement is the key

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child growth and development

30 DAYS of AWESOME PARENTING  (read about the adventure here) Photo source Tip 28: Child growth and development: movement is the key   When it comes to child growth and development, we all want to do the right thing to help them on their way. But when there are so many theories, ideas, new strategies, research papers, foods to eat, foods…

Woodworking ideas for young children with John Elliot

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I love the IDEA of working with wood. But to be honest, I have no clue. I leave it up to my husband. But I was intrigued enough to sneak into the woodworking workshop on offer the other week. John Elliot, a gregarious former school teacher, and woodworker, and all round good guy, was the teacher.  This man is inspirational!…

Seaworld Castaway Bay Climbing Net Playground

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How cool is this? I just wanted to jump in there- never mind the kids! The right hand side is definitely for the big kids, or the young at heart! These rope bridges and chutes were pretty high! But on the left side, there was the most fantastic playground of slides, climbing nets, places to jump through, slide through, slip…

Unique circle games and party games for toddlers and preschoolers

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Here are some games you might like to try! (Also, great for use in family day care, childcare, preschool and the early classroom years at school) Why not use a game to make your way from dinner to the bath, or lunch to rest? The fun of the game, especially when played at the same time each day for a…

Inviting boys to take ownership of “Nature Display Tables”

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A nature or natural display table can be used for many things, and creating a scene, somewhat like a diorama, is one useful way to inspire play and create a visual picture for children who can then use this as fodder for their play.  Mostly, it is about bringing the natural world inside as a way to help young children open their eyes to…

Help your child to read: the importance of movement for brain skills

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Learning to read is one of life’s great joys, but it can be one of life’s biggest frustrations! Anything that can help a child (or adult) to learn to read is marvellous, especially if it is fun and entices someone to want to engage in the learning process with joy! One trick is getting the foundation right. Movement helps with…