How to make a pom pom flower

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how to make a pom pom flower

Gee I love pom poms…those puff balls of magic. I sometimes wonder who was the first person to come up with a pom pom, and why? I can’t imagine the first  person who sat there and thought.. “If I put two circles of cardboard together and wind wool yarn around them, I can make a puffy ball of fluff. I…

Kids Nature Crafts- 30 great ideas and activities

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kids nature crafts

Here’s a round-up of the 30 Kids Nature Crafts featured on Parenting Fun Everyday. Photos: left to right, top row – second row – bottom row   1. Easy flower craft for kids: Dancing Queen 2. Sweet Woodland Sprite Nature Craft 3. Bill muncher felt ball caterpillar peg 4. Mademoiselle Shell, a lovely doll mobile 5. Teaching painting to children and…

Nature Craft Activities For Kids: Toys For Play

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simple play

Project 15: Nature craft activities for kids Simple Play: handmade ‘Busy Businessman’ toy Time: 10 minutes Difficulty: Children can make versions of this guy for puppet shows and play   I had one lonely little gumnut sitting in my craft box last week, just waiting for a transformation in the nature craft activities for kids series. It didn’t even have…

Easy craft ideas for kids: felt ball peg caterpillar

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easy craft ideas for kids

  Project #3: Easy Craft Ideas for Kids Felt Ball Peg Caterpillar Time: 20 minutes maximum Difficulty: Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy   I have a stash of pure wool felt balls floating around my craft room and I wanted to use them up so I came up with this easy craft idea for kids. You just need a bit of…

Nature craft using seedpods

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nature craft

Project #2: Nature Craft using seedpods Sweet Woodland Sprite Time: 10 minutes maximum Difficulty: Easy Peasy   Last year, I was lucky enough to be involved in a seasonal swap, where the task was to make and send a small handmade parcel for one lucky (new) swap friend.  My gorgeous parcel included a tiny calico bag of seedpods, including these…

30 days of NATURE CRAFT: I am beyond excited!

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nature crafts

30 days of Nature Craft (Aren’t these flowers lovely?  I think they are my all time favourites. Thank you, Sandi!) I have this new thing happening with my blog. You see, as I spend so much time on the computer writing (and answering emails, and volunteering my time to help with community things) and looking after Ned and baby Jack,…

Nature Treasure Hunt for Earth Day Fun 2013

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nature treasure hunt jpeg

  With Earth Day just around the corner, I’ve made up a little Nature Treasure Hunt for you and your children. Download it as a PDF file here and print it on your home computer to get started. The goal is to head on out into nature, and search for the 17 items on the list. You can try a…

How to make a rainbow star window decoration using wax paper

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I’ve been wishing on a few stars lately. Just asking and hoping and begging for signs that might give me some clues on my next steps forward. Stars are so humble aren’t they, but they often carry the weight of our hopes and dreams. They are quite special really.  Don’t you think? I like to bring stars into my home….

Winter Round-up: Craft and event ideas

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How to: make a wool pom pom useful for knitted bunny tails, hanging mobiles, keyring tags.. the mind boggles with potential uses! How to make a groovy slide package for a delicious block of chocolate How to: Embellish your own winter-inspired matchbox Winter Party Invitation: Peg Doll How-to: Celebrate Winter with your own apple spiral family celebration Winter Angel made from…

Autumn Nature Table 2011

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Autumn breezes are slowly arriving here. There have been a few nights where I have pulled out the trusty tracksuit pants and jumper and oh, goody gumdrops, it is almost time to renew my evening hot bath ritual. I love the cooler months, don’t you? The local rabbit population is growing, and more and more often, we see them in…

How to make a Knot Chicken using wool fleece fibres

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Sometimes, craft doesn’t have to be a big mammoth task. In fact, as a mother, we all quickly learn to cultivate the skill of making something out of thin air in 5 minutes flat! So how do we balance speed and beauty? For just because something is done quickly doesnt mean it has to look like or feel like a piece…