Nature Table Waldorf: Mother Earth Pine Cone Doll

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nature table waldorf

Project #26: Nature Table Waldorf Mother Earth Pine Cone Doll Time: 15 minutes plus pine cone ‘treasure hunting’ time! Difficulty: easy as falling off a log! Yesterday, I made a gnome using a pine cone and I promised another pine cone craft today. Pine cones are not the easiest of nature finds to work with- they are a bit limited…

30 days of NATURE CRAFT: I am beyond excited!

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nature crafts

30 days of Nature Craft (Aren’t these flowers lovely?  I think they are my all time favourites. Thank you, Sandi!) I have this new thing happening with my blog. You see, as I spend so much time on the computer writing (and answering emails, and volunteering my time to help with community things) and looking after Ned and baby Jack,…

A simple nature trail activity

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fragrant blossoms

  Although I lived on acreage properties from the age of 12, surrounded by nature, bush, creeks, wild animals (thanks to my dad’s job of photographing Australian reptiles and fish, there were always snakes, fish, frogs, and lizards on site), and trees, I’m much more of an urban girl at heart. I do like my funky shops, freshly made chai,…

Nature Treasure Hunt for Earth Day Fun 2013

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nature treasure hunt jpeg

  With Earth Day just around the corner, I’ve made up a little Nature Treasure Hunt for you and your children. Download it as a PDF file here and print it on your home computer to get started. The goal is to head on out into nature, and search for the 17 items on the list. You can try a…