How To Make A Felt Ball- Quick and Easy

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how to make a felt ball

How To Make A Felt Ball- Quick and Easy How-To   Making felt balls is lots of fun. There is water, and fleece, and soapy bubbles, and mess, and splashes. What’s not to love? You can use felt balls for lots of things. Felt ball necklaces for kids and adults, felt ball bracelets, felt ball dolls, felt ball rugs (oh,…

Nature Craft Activities For Kids: Toys For Play

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simple play

Project 15: Nature craft activities for kids Simple Play: handmade ‘Busy Businessman’ toy Time: 10 minutes Difficulty: Children can make versions of this guy for puppet shows and play   I had one lonely little gumnut sitting in my craft box last week, just waiting for a transformation in the nature craft activities for kids series. It didn’t even have…

Toy Car Wash: A fun outdoor activity for children

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Friday’s Guest: Bernadine Murray of “Pretend and Move“ Workshop Wednesdays – At the Car Wash With such lovely weather around at the moment it is easier for us mums to venture outside, it is also easier to set up some outdoor activities.  Kids love playing with water so why not create a carwash outside. You can use tubs filled with…

Water play fun by Belinda Connelly

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An article by Belinda Connelly, of Fairy Thread . Water is amazing stuff! We humans are made up of mostly water (at least 70%). I recently heard water referred to as ‘nature’s solution dillution’. I love that as I know water benefits our bodies so much! Personally, if I forget to drink enough water during the day I find myself feeling lethargic, unable to think clearly and…

How to make your own simple bird feeder

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All you need is a pine cone, a long piece of ribbon or string, some peanut butter, and wild bird seed. Tie the ribbon around the centre stem of the pine cone, leaving two long ends free. Tie the ends together to make two loops, as shown, for hanging. Be sure to use some kind of tray as it is…

Rice activities for children: Rice Table truck and car play

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Ned loves his sandpit.  He really loves his sandpit. But on wet days, when he can’t get outside to play, he often tries to find creative substitutes from my pantry.  Flour works. Check.  Breadcrumbs work. Check. But to be honest, I can’t clean up another flour adventure ever again!     I have been thinking about something else that he…

Seaworld Castaway Bay Climbing Net Playground

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How cool is this? I just wanted to jump in there- never mind the kids! The right hand side is definitely for the big kids, or the young at heart! These rope bridges and chutes were pretty high! But on the left side, there was the most fantastic playground of slides, climbing nets, places to jump through, slide through, slip…

Planting seedlings in a vegie garden

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Our good friend Moondew Mama Sandi, helped us to plant the seedlings in our garden a few weeks ago. The no-dig bed was set up and filled with dark brown soil. To this, we added a big bag of mushroom compost, brought down with Sandi from her lovely village on the mountain behind my valley.  Mushroom compost helps to nurture…

Make your own outdoor chalk board

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Our newest addition to our outside playground is the rock-edged blackboard. I love having a place where children can come and use good quality, vibrant, rainbow-hued chalk to make their own drawing creations. Sometimes, when the hussle and bussle of play is just too much, or they are having a quiet, contemplative type of day, drawing is just the tonic….

Simple, fun activities for children at festivals and for home

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It doesn’t take a lot of money to create engaging activities for children.  A few dodgy textas and a few bits of shiny paper to draw on just don’t cut it! Over the past few months, I have seen some simple but compelling ideas that children have really gravitated to.  If they are eco-friendly, all the better! This one was a few recycled…