29. Parenting children without guilt

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30 DAYS of AWESOME PARENTING  (read about the adventure here) Photo source Tip 29: Parenting children without guilt. Accept your limitations with grace and love.   Being an AWESOME parent today (and that is all we are ever talking about – not yesterday, not tomorrow) doesn’t mean we always get it right. We are busy, with so.. so.. so.. much to…

The Error of Parenting Expectation (and how to overcome it).

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Disability Signage

The most important thing I have learned about children is that they come to this world and life with their own agenda.  We are the vessel through which they pass but the journey is theirs alone. Image via Pinterest. http://pinterest.com/pin/276338127106020872/ When things are going well, we parents are happy to greet the applause.  We readily accept the kudos that comes…

Developmental Guides for Young Children

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Years ago, I read a book that I can no longer remember the title of.  I remember and put into practice one thing from this book. It was called the 5 Point Review or something similar. (If anyone knows the original source and name of this book, please let me know) Basically, at the end of each week, you ask…

Living with young children. Creating harmony in the home.

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Can you imagine a child like a great big sack of flour, where every impression  during the ages of 0-3 years old, leaves a mark?   This was an imagery given by Health Consultant Irmhild Kleinhenz from Melbourne Therapy Centre.   Can you picture what that flour sack would look like after 3 years? How many pats, pushes and prods,…

Amber’s Moondew Creative Playgroup featured in the Sunday Mail

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Hopefully, this article might inspire other mama’s (and women of all ages) to find or make something similar in their local communities. Imagine the power of a bunch of young crafty chicks? They would be building something solid and stable for their life journey, don’t you think? I really do believe that if every mama had their own creative tribe,…

The importance of order for the 3 year old child

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Yesterday, I participated in a workshop on the 3 year old child with my friend and colleague, Connie Grawert. One of the key focuses of this workshop was to learn practical ways to manage three year olds by understanding their very different experience of consciousness to that of an adult. To give us some idea of what it is like to…

Managing Sibling Rivalry

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  When it came time to writing a chapter on sibling rivalry, I had to call in the ‘experts’. Yep, that’s right, a survey of about 50 parents to find out what strategies have worked, or not worked, for them.  Whilst there were lots of creative ideas, mostly parents were at their wits end… At the time of the survey,…

Creative tips for dealing with anxious, nervous, hyperactive or difficult children

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Trisha Scott shared some helpful tips that she has gleaned through her work of dealing with and supporting anxious, nervous, hyperactive and difficult children over the years. (Funnily enough, I’ve just finished the final edits of Chapter 6 of the book I am working on and this deals with creative discipline strategies too.  But now I’m chapter 7, and into…

Building resilience in young children

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For the past two days, I have been present at our yearly in-service training for young children. This topic was “Meeting the Troubled Child- managing behaviours of fear, anxiety, sadness and other emotional issues in the young child”. Our keynote speaker was Trisha Scott. Trisha is a child psychologist and counsellor, who for years has worked for the Government-funded body CHYMS…