Consequences for kids. The critical difference between a ‘punishment’ and a ‘consequence’

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consequences for kids

Image via Creative Commons, with thanks. Consequences for kids. The critical difference between a ‘punishment’ and a ‘consequence’   There is one little bit in my book where I write about ‘punishments‘. Oooh, that was a difficult word to include in a creative parenting book. But let me give you a bit of back story. I ran a survey in…

Busy Time: The challenge of being an ‘entertainment director’

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As you know, I’m an advocate for the idea of ‘balanced parenting’. I’m never going to set down a list of rules or advice that expound one set of lifestyle characteristics or virtues over another.  The golden rule when it comes to parenting is that each parent has the right to make their own choices over what is ok, or…

The Error of Parenting Expectation (and how to overcome it).

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Disability Signage

The most important thing I have learned about children is that they come to this world and life with their own agenda.  We are the vessel through which they pass but the journey is theirs alone. Image via Pinterest. When things are going well, we parents are happy to greet the applause.  We readily accept the kudos that comes…

Parenting Tip: Mindful choice

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Trimmed and Tailed via Sini via Last night, I was preparing beans when it struck me that I don’t really know why I trim and tail the ends of beans.  I just do it because I saw my mum do it.  I wonder if there is any real reason other than decorative?  Does anyone know? Of course, my mind…

TV or not to TV?

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Last month, I was interviewed by Katie Cincotta for ‘The Age’ about living in a TV-free household. Katie’s article was published this week. It seems a recent poll has found that 2% of households, that is 141,000 HOUSEHOLDS, have decided not to upgrade to digital tv when the switch is complete, so we’re definitely not alone. It seems more and…

The importance of order for the 3 year old child

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Yesterday, I participated in a workshop on the 3 year old child with my friend and colleague, Connie Grawert. One of the key focuses of this workshop was to learn practical ways to manage three year olds by understanding their very different experience of consciousness to that of an adult. To give us some idea of what it is like to…

What to do when a preschool circle or story doesn’t work?

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For the past week, I have spent hours learning a new story circle about a pancake that ‘jumps out of the pan and away he ran’.  I’ve never done this one before, and I have had so much fun playing around with the simple actions. This story circle is filled with movement- the children jump, run, do horsey kicks, bounce…

“The Winter Whales” transition game for playgroup, home or kindergarten use

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I am a big believer in rhythm, as I know it works.  But sometimes, mama’s who lead the rhythms may get fed up with the routine of always having Monday as housework day, Tuesday as Playgroup day, Wednesday as cooking day and so on. One way to break through these challenging thoughts (and parenting fills us with challenging thoughts) is…