How to make cheesy chicken and corn Cob Loaf recipe

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A long time ago, my youngest sister’s ex-boyfriend was celebrating his 21st birthday. It was a Retro 70′s party hosted in the country (and at times, redneck) town of Casino, and I was dressed in a shockingly gaudy rainbow coloured shirt and tights.  There was a least one Michael Jackson lookalike with a huge afro ball of hair, plenty of…

How to make Tomato Ricotta Tart recipe

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Oohhh, who can resist juicy cherry tomatoes? And this recipe makes the most of them. Three tomato ricotta tarts, perfect for a picnic. In a bowl, mix 250 gram fresh ricotta cheese, 250 crumbled feta cheese, 2 large eggs (beaten), 1 tablespoon each of chopped basil, dill and mint, 25 gram of Parmesan cheese (substitute cheddar if you need), a…

How to make Peanut Butter Cashew Kisses

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A while ago, I came across this amazing original recipe from The Prudent Pantry for Peanut Butter Cashew Kisses.  Don’t they sound exquisite?? Here is my adapted recipe which will make about 40 balls. 1 jar of honey (500 gram approx) 1 jar of peanut butter (500 gram approx) 1 cup of cashews (ground into crumbs using a thermomix or…

Cooking with children: Spinach & Cheese triangles

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zahri spinach and cheese triangles

I love a recipe where children can really help. This one is super easy- so easy in fact that one of our little Moondew boys went home and made 21 on the weekend for his entire family and then ate two up!  A miracle for a non-green eating little boy. Mum was super impressed. Prepare: 1.  Children can crumble up…

How to make Natalie Petrizza’s “Tarts of Gold”

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Natalie’s recipe was featured in January’s Australian Good Taste. Now that I have made them, I can seriously vouch for how good they are! And easy! This recipe uses store-bought frozen sweet tart cases, and makes 24, but you might like to make your own. 1.  Bake tarts (2 X 12 pack) following packet directions, or until lightly golden.  …

How to make Lemon Coconut Squares

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This yummy recipe is with thanks to Tupperware. Biscuit base: Stir 1/2 cup of sweetened condensed milk and 125gram of butter in a saucepan,  over low heat until melted. Crush 250 gram (a packet) of plain sweet store-bought biscuits (or your own basic butter biscuit recipe) in a food processor, then add 1 teaspoon lemon rind and 1 cup of…

How to make a Bean-filled Mexican Tortilla Stack

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Ingredients: 400-450 grams of each of these pulses; lentils, red kidney beans, butter beans (either soaked or from a can) 1 onion, diced 2 teaspoons olive oil 125 gram can of corn kernels 6 diced tomatoes two tablespoons tamari soy sauce one tablespoon fresh or dried parsley and oregano flakes 4 mexican tortillas (I use wraps that are sun-dried tomato…

How to make Chocolate Zucchini cake!

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This has to be my favourite cake so far this year. And it is pretty good for you too! Original Chocolate Zucchini Cake by Jackie French.    Healthy and moreish recipe substitutions by my friend Sandi Donaldson (All substitutions in italics) 185 gram butter 1 cup brown sugar  half cup honey  2 eggs 2 cups grated/chopped zucchini  plus half cup…