Make your own ‘dinosaur and egg’ birthday invitations

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handmade paper dinosaur invitation for a boy birthday

Today, Ned and I made the 12 birthday invitations for his upcoming ‘dinosaur’ party.  Yes, my son is now dinosaur obsessed but I am a little thankful that this year we have a new theme to work with!  I was kind of wondering how I was going to come up with something inventive for a third ‘truck’ inspired party…  …

Easter Handmade Gift Bag/Card

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Wednesday Wonderfuls  Easter is on its way. Oh yay! One of my favourite things ever is those little chocolate Easter eggs. Don’t they just taste so good? Here is a novel way to give a few as a gift, inside a handmade card. Cut a piece of cardboard 30cm by 11cm. This is large enough to hold a cellophane cookie…

Bob the Builder Handmade Party Invitations

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My son desperately wants a Bob the Builder party. But I’ve struggled with this, wanting to honour his wishes but not wanting to buy into the whole commercialism thing. So, we’ve come to a compromise. He’s having a Dirt Party!  and Bob is invited. We decided to make a Dirt Cake, and have a little plastic Bob keyring head which…

How to make a Pumpkin Peek-a-boo card using cardboard!

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Here is what you’ll need to begin. The pumpkin template is 14cm wide, and 10 cm high. The height of the pumpkin pixie’s body is 10cm. Trace a pumpkin shape onto card and cut it out.  Use a stanley knife to cut a line through the card, somewhere close to the top of the pumpkin. (I have shown it here…