“Making Childhood Magical.” I’m not done!

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making childhood magical

“Why I’m NOT Done Making My Kid’s Childhood Magical”   Yesterday, a friend posted this on her Facebook page. “I’m done making my kid’s child magical“ by Bunmi Laditan, featured on The Huffington Post. Bunmi’s article is a reminder that it is not our job as parents to CREATE a magical life for our children, and that they already see and…

Dragon eggs and Fairy eggs

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fairy eggs

Last year, a friend of mine held a birthday party and in the take home party bag was a little cellophane packet tied up with string that held about 20 tiny fairy eggs in rainbow colours. Ned was fascinated by these tiny balls and their potential. But somehow, they got lost. Last month, when we were in Sydney, we visited…

Designing with loose parts

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loose parts

Designing with “loose parts”   When children have open-ended materials, or loose parts, at their disposal- especially things from nature or those that are particularly beautiful- one of the things they often do with these materials is to make designs. In my experience, these designs are often mandala-like in their nature, with repetitive elements of colour, shape, texture and form….

Rainy day Activity Fun: Cookie cutters and playdough

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Ned and I found a set of brand new cookie cutters, plastic ones from about the 70′s, in one of our local op shops. He spent almost a whole day playing with the cookie cutters and his rainbow playdough . It wasn’t just cutting out the shapes. No sir. Once he had made his rainbow set of cars, he spent…

Rainbow Playdough: A how-to tutorial by Friday’s Guest, Tania Arthur

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Rainbow Playdough by Friday’s Guest, Tania Arthur.  When I am making rainbow playdough for just my own children I half or quarter the recipe so I don’t end up with too much. The measurements below are for a half measure of a normal recipe of playdough so feel free to adjust as necessary. Ingredients: 1 cup of flour 2 tbs…

Magic rainbow ribbon wand DIY tutorial

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We’ve been catching rainbows!  Want to join us?? Firstly, take a craft stick and attach a fishing swivel to one end with a screw. (Fishing swivels can be found in boating/camping/fishing stores)   Cut a strip of silk 5cm in width and at least one metre long. Thread a needle with a piece of embroidery thread, and run a gathering…

The Fun Theory

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My friend Simon posted this video on facebook and I can’t resist sharing it with you all! Just copy and paste the link to a new window and you’ll be able to watch it. Not to give too much away, it is about the “Fun Theory”. I really like this!! In fact, this is probably the thing I most believe…

Creative ideas for Christmas Trees

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Imagine my surprise to walk into our shed and see this amazing tree! Yes, my husband declared it necessary that the Shed have its’ very own Christmas tree so he and my son set about making one! Decorating it with the finest selection of tools, it takes pride of place!   Paintbrushes, saws, screwdrivers, rope, measuring tape, shovels and digging…