Pop Up Playgrounds- a new concept for play

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Have you heard of the concept of a Pop-Up store? How about a Pop-Up Playground?? What an idea. I love it when communities begin thinking outside the box to come up with helpful and life changing/affirming strategies for their local citizens. This article, Presto! Instant Playground is worth a read.

Playing with sticks, a child’s exploration of the world of nature

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I just love this post about the power of sticks written by one of my best girlfriends, Jen on her blog, Lavendilly That documentary ‘Babies’ has just been released on DVD and I think this article also proves what has been shown by the African babies.  That sometimes, less is truly more.  Not more and more toys, but instead ACCESS to…

Seaworld Castaway Bay Climbing Net Playground

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How cool is this? I just wanted to jump in there- never mind the kids! The right hand side is definitely for the big kids, or the young at heart! These rope bridges and chutes were pretty high! But on the left side, there was the most fantastic playground of slides, climbing nets, places to jump through, slide through, slip…

Outside playgrounds and Outdoor classrooms. What do young children really need?

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(Moondew children in outdoor play action!)   I really liked this post (below) by Teacher Tom. River Keeps on Rolling on Teacher Tom’s blog is about the industrious activity of the children in his outdoor classroom. It is worth a read, especially to check out the pictures of the children in action.   Play for children really is their work, don’t…

Periwinkle Preschool: Recycled Handmade Wooden Children’s Playground!

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Paved play area Sandpit Fort and slide Tree swing Vegie patch and soon-to-be mudpatch! Yes!!! Mudpatch for digging!!! Lucky children. Balance Beam Swings and Flying Fox Water pump for children to pump their own water for play from the well-hidden water tank designated just for this purpose. Climbing net Climbing dome And a trampoline. Doesn’t it just look like juicy,…

A sneaky peek into Periwinkle preschool, Byron Bay

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Doesn’t it just entice you in? A beautiful stained glass window facing the front street is the only hint that behind the doors of this suburban house lies a magical wonder for children. Welcome.   This is the door for the teachers, but the children and families take a traipse down the walkway into the back garden adventure playground and…

New Farm Park children’s adventure playground, Brisbane

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Last week, on a day that threatened rain, we took the chance and a group of Moondew families traipsed up to Brisbane.  (It had been a while in the planning, and we kept getting rained, or flooded, out!) For the children, the big thrill was in catching both the train AND a ferry boat down the river. Gold Coast children…

The All-Abilities Playground at Broadbeach

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Our local council continues to invest in new playgrounds. Gosh, how I love this council and what they are doing for ‘community’. Yeah ha! Today, I met some friends at the new All-Abilities playground next to Kurrawa Surfclub. (For those of you planning a Gold Coast holiday, Kurrawa Surfclub is beachside in front of the Oasis Shopping Centre- 500 metres…

The most beautiful kindergarten in the world- Part Two

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The thing I love about visiting thoughtfully prepared kindergarten spaces is the inspiration for setting up a beautiful space.  Toy rooms don’t have to be full of broken junk. In fact, when WE adults care for the things they play with (much easier to do when we also love their toys), children too are much more likely to care for…

Summer at Fingerprints Childcare Centre

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I love visiting my friends at Fingerprints. They really are a special bunch, and I love being able to share some new pictures of their space with you. Don’t you just love their ‘fairy ring’? When Amanda was busy painting the toadstools, the children were busy trying to count the spots as she painted!  So, she made sure to paint…