Play Resources For Indoor Creative Play

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play resources

Play resources for children’s indoor creative play   Have you ever searched or wished for a list of things you could use as play resources for children’s indoor creative play?  Well, look no further. Here it is. This is the list I wanted when my daughter was small, and I’ve been adding to it over the years too. It’s a…

Jacaranda Tree circle or transition game for home, playgroup or kindergarten

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Something new!  Oh, what fun!! MamaMoontime readers often ask me for audio and video footage of games, songs and stories I share. Now, I can do it! This is my favourite Jacaranda song.  Every year, when the jacaranda trees bloom in these parts, this song jumps right back into my head. I dare say I’ll probably be singing it in…

How to make a bee mobile using a wooden bee body

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These little timber shapes come from Casey’s Wood To make a bee, all you do is paint the body with yellow acrylic paint. Add a few stripes around the body. and a cute face. Cut a small 2cm square of mesh netting for the wings. Run a gather stitch through the centre, and pull it in tight. Tie this around…

“The Winter Whales” transition game for playgroup, home or kindergarten use

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I am a big believer in rhythm, as I know it works.  But sometimes, mama’s who lead the rhythms may get fed up with the routine of always having Monday as housework day, Tuesday as Playgroup day, Wednesday as cooking day and so on. One way to break through these challenging thoughts (and parenting fills us with challenging thoughts) is…

Chicken in a Basket Game for playgroup, home or kindergarten use

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Chicken in the Basket Game by Amber Greene When finishing my daily story, I always like to use a little transition game to help the children move gently and purposefully from the story to wash our hands for morning tea. This is my little hen game that I often use after “The Little Red Hen” Story. It is called ‘The…

How to make a slip knot: a how-to tutorial

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slip knot

Slip knots are handy things. They are so versatile and helpful and wonderful if you are ever stuck out in the bush. Slip knots are necessary for knitting and fingerknitting too. Who ever thought that a knot could ever be useful? Making a slip knot as an adult should be easy. Sometimes, it is. Sometimes, it is not. Want a…