7 Top Tips for Motivating Children to Learn

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motivating children to learn

Motivating children to learn. My top seven practical, tried-and-true tips from a lifetime working with children. Brought to you by ASG. Plus, see below for details on how to enter ASG’s competition to win a week-long luxury family excursion!   I’ve had all kinds of teaching and learning experiences with children- in mainstream schools and Steiner Waldorf ones; across preschools…

Playing with sticks, a child’s exploration of the world of nature

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I just love this post about the power of sticks written by one of my best girlfriends, Jen on her blog, Lavendilly That documentary ‘Babies’ has just been released on DVD and I think this article also proves what has been shown by the African babies.  That sometimes, less is truly more.  Not more and more toys, but instead ACCESS to…

Use symbols and pictures to help children establish ownership

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Younger children who can’t yet read, are able to recognise symbols. Using symbols is the perfect way to help children establish a sense of ownership over their things when they can’t yet recognise their own name. Not only that, a symbol is something fun! Recognising, and then drawing symbols is the basis for writing and reading too. Think Egyptian heiroglyphics!!…

Cultivating Balance in the Mama Garden

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Years ago, I came upon the idea that there are TWO types of mothers in the world – Creative Rainbow ones, and Mother Earth types. BOTH have gifts to share. I think this concept is true of early childhood educators too! The far reaching, earth-wandering practices of a Creative Rainbow educator and someone who more closely resembles a more deeply rooted,…

How to capture and retain the joys of music and song with children

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Last night, I spoke of some of the concepts that American musician, Eleanor Winship shared with us recently. Music was her theme. In times of the past, music was revered. There were only two ways you could hear music. You either found someone to play for you, or you learned to play yourself. As lovely Renee (one of the attendees) pointed…