How to make a pom pom with yarn for an apple prop or decoration

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how to make a pom pom with yarn

How to make a pom pom with yarn Pom Pom apples for an Autumn nature table display I really love the simplicity of a few wrapped branches in baby glass bottles and a tribe of pom pom apples. Such an easy craft but super cute.     (These natural timber mushrooms are pretty handsome also!) Remember pompoms from childhood. Have you…

Bella Bilby and the Magical Easter Basket Story

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Bella Bilby and the Magical Easter Basket  A Southern Hemisphere Easter Story by Ali Ward, just for you.  Enjoy.  It was the day before Easter. Mr Easter Rabbit was busy putting the final touches onto all the Easter delights.  He knew his job was very special and spent all year long getting everything just right before the big day. When…

Storytelling Prop Bags: Make your own

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I like to tell stories. Most of my friends would tell you I’m a storyteller. (Most likely they would also tell you I can’t tell a short story, and that I also don’t know when to shut up. Thank goodness for patient and kind friends, I say.) But back to storytelling. I was so so so fortunate many years ago to…

How to make a handmade butterfly toy with wool fibres

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These simple butterflies are loved by little children everywhere. You just need two 8-10cm lengths of carded wool sliver in your choice of colour. Wool fleece can be purchased from my friend Jen at her facebook page, Lavendilly Fibre Arts. She sells fleece in 100 gram lots but if you ask her nicely, she might even make you up a…

Toadstool cushion stepping stones by Natalie Cairncross

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How to Make Toadstool Cushions & Stepping Stones      Storytime Magic is Coming!  A Toadstool Cushion for You ….     Ever wanted your little ones to have their very own toadstool cushion at home?  I know I have!  And it’s a nice way to tie in playgroup routines (such as gathering in a circle on the mat) with…

How to make Chocolate Spiders using Chang’s fried noodles

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This is all that is left! If you like a mix of chocolate and peanut butter ( Baskin Robbins Peanut Butter n’ Chocolate icecream, anyone???)  you’ll love these! Chocolate Spiders. Supposedly, they are an Australian classic- sold at fetes and fairs everywhere, but I confess to only having my first try at my friend Merridee’s house late last year (Thank…

Indigenous Landscape for storytelling by Fibre Artist, Christina Lane

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My needlefelting friend, Christina, of Fruits of Heart, was recently commissioned by my friend Tania, to create this indigenous landscape. A stickler for detail, Christina hand dyed the colours to match native soil and researched the style of dwelling until she was sure she could recreate it as close to the original as possible.   Check out the detail! A…

Planting the Magic Rainbow Seed Circle Game for home, kindergartens and playgroup use by Amber Greene

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Planting the Magic Rainbow Seed Circle February 2011 Movement is a key element of helping children and adults to switch on their memory, and also aids in building the synapse pathways in the brain.  Movement suggestions are in bold. Props: A plain silk ribbon attached to a wand stick is wound up, and tied with a rubber band. A bunch…

Summer at Fingerprints Childcare Centre

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I love visiting my friends at Fingerprints. They really are a special bunch, and I love being able to share some new pictures of their space with you. Don’t you just love their ‘fairy ring’? When Amanda was busy painting the toadstools, the children were busy trying to count the spots as she painted!  So, she made sure to paint…

The Christmas Spiders by Natalie O. Kononenko

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Don’t you just love a Christmas story that focuses on the beauty and goodness of the simple things in nature?  Years ago, I came across a lovely story called The Christmas Spiders by Natalie O. Kononenko in some random book and I have loved it ever since. I took the seed of this story and made it our own for…

Therapeutic Storytelling with Susan Perrow

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I’m so fortunate to know Susan Perrow. She is a master storyteller extraordinaire. In past posts, I have shared something of our adventures with Susan in making up and sharing games. Recently, though, a group of women, including myself!, were lucky enough to participate in Susan’s famous Therapeutic Storytelling Workshop held at our local beautiful “child-love-and-care centre”, Fingerprints. I love…

Storytelling with Sandra Frain

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A few weeks ago, I organised and participated in a Storytelling workshop with Sandra Frain as our guest presenter. I love storytelling and good story, and I love to be inspired by great storytellers. Sandra lives story with every breath. It is not something to learn, or do at a certain time with particular props, or to be read only…

How to make a Busy Bee from a banksia pod

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 There is nothing like a bee to represent Spring in all her glory! This simple version is truly well loved- by mama’s and their children! and it is super simple and quick to make, yet brings hours of joy! This is our native Australian banksia pod. (Non-Australian readers might have to come up with their own native tree seed- I’d love…