Sing while you work (bake)!

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Sing while you work.  Or better yet… SING while you BAKE! I believe in letting children join in as soon as possible.   Not just in the ‘nice’ tasks such as baking and bread making, but in helping you to hang out washing, sweep floors, wash windows, polish tables- in fact, just about anything. Children love to pass you pegs,…

Living with young children. Creating harmony in the home.

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Can you imagine a child like a great big sack of flour, where every impression  during the ages of 0-3 years old, leaves a mark?   This was an imagery given by Health Consultant Irmhild Kleinhenz from Melbourne Therapy Centre.   Can you picture what that flour sack would look like after 3 years? How many pats, pushes and prods,…

How to encourage children to join in household jobs and activities

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The easiest way for us to gain precious time for our own creative adventures is to help our children become independent of us for their play and entertainment. Sound easier said than done?   I might be a little controversial here and suggest that our task as parents is NOT to play with, or entertain our children.  I would suggest…

Modifying tasks and activities to suit children’s abilities

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Last weekend, my busy bee husband decided to trim the new growth and old branches from near the back of our fire-prone zone house.  This is a job that has to be done quite regularly as the bush forest out back needs trimming to prevent random sparks alighting our house in the event of a fire. Ned saw Daddy and…

Where to buy a child-size tin dustpan and broom

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Thanks to the lovely Lauren of Tasmania (and everyone else who gave sage advice), I now know where to purchase a child size tin dustpan and broom. Perhaps, you’d like to know too! Dragonfly Toys They retail for about $25 each, and would make a wonderful Christmas gift for home corner play, or tidy up after cooking time. I bought…

Meet Mr Postman Ned! Playing with post-it notes

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Ned has taken to playing Mr Postman. We gave him this fabulous wooden no-training-wheels bike for his 2nd birthday (3rd birthday would have been better but I think we were a little excited!!) He still isn’t tall enough to put his leg over the seat but quite happily pushes it about, ringing the bell to let us know he is…

The Imitation Principle and Dads- finding ways to modify real work

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In my Waldorf community, there are only women teachers.  I have one ever seen one male working consistently in the early years area, and he left many years ago, never to be seen again. And as much as us women try to provide balanced experiences for the children in our communities, by engaging the children in woodworking, heavy lifting, setting…

Supporting Boys in Early Childhood Education

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I just had an email from Katie (thank you) and have been in contemplation all day about the joys and challenges of raising little boys. Having my own son has been the catalyst for me to really SEE (with open eyes-oh my gosh, I’m shocked!) the difference in how boys and girls play. It really got me thinking again about…