DIY Salad Bar Party.

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diy salad bar party

DIY Salad Bar Party A Month of Food Fun on PFE…Day One   Every day during February (or as often as I can- life is PRETTY BUSY this month, even busier than usual…but I’m striving to get here fairly regularly…), I’m going to share some ‘Food Fun’ ideas. These are things I’ve been gathering over the years from friends, family,…

Roasted Pumpkin and Gooey cheese warm salad by Friday’s Guest, Kyla Levi

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Roasted Pumpkin and Gooey Cheese Warm Salad by Friday’s Guest, Kyla Levi I visited my friend Kyla a few weeks ago and she made us this for lunch. Oh my. What a treat. The recipe for you by Kyla. Firstly chop up a selection of your favourite winter vegetables. I like pumpkin, sweet potato, fresh garlic, onion and purple onion…