Rice activities for children: Rice Table truck and car play

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Ned loves his sandpit.  He really loves his sandpit. But on wet days, when he can’t get outside to play, he often tries to find creative substitutes from my pantry.  Flour works. Check.  Breadcrumbs work. Check. But to be honest, I can’t clean up another flour adventure ever again!     I have been thinking about something else that he…

Outside playgrounds and Outdoor classrooms. What do young children really need?

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(Moondew children in outdoor play action!)   I really liked this post (below) by Teacher Tom. River Keeps on Rolling on Teacher Tom’s blog is about the industrious activity of the children in his outdoor classroom. It is worth a read, especially to check out the pictures of the children in action.   Play for children really is their work, don’t…

Periwinkle Preschool: Recycled Handmade Wooden Children’s Playground!

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Paved play area Sandpit Fort and slide Tree swing Vegie patch and soon-to-be mudpatch! Yes!!! Mudpatch for digging!!! Lucky children. Balance Beam Swings and Flying Fox Water pump for children to pump their own water for play from the well-hidden water tank designated just for this purpose. Climbing net Climbing dome And a trampoline. Doesn’t it just look like juicy,…

How to stop or transform ‘gun’ play in young children

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  In my many years of working with young children, I have learned to ‘look behind’ outward behaviours to try to understand the archetype of what a particular behaviour might really be about.   When I have an inkling of what the child might be striving for with a particular play style or game, it can be a dual win….

A sneaky peek into Periwinkle preschool, Byron Bay

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Doesn’t it just entice you in? A beautiful stained glass window facing the front street is the only hint that behind the doors of this suburban house lies a magical wonder for children. Welcome.   This is the door for the teachers, but the children and families take a traipse down the walkway into the back garden adventure playground and…

How to make your own excavator toy for the sandpit

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You simply go to mum’s kitchen drawer and pull out that thing you’ve seen her use once or twice to grate cheese. And then you tell Mum not to come into the sandpit, because you really haven’t got anything from the kitchen at all. So cute, I couldn’t stop laughing! Have your children done this? Creativity at best. What did…

Modifying tasks and activities to suit children’s abilities

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Last weekend, my busy bee husband decided to trim the new growth and old branches from near the back of our fire-prone zone house.  This is a job that has to be done quite regularly as the bush forest out back needs trimming to prevent random sparks alighting our house in the event of a fire. Ned saw Daddy and…

Silk colour dyes for sale at Time for Craft

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Silk dyes can be purchased from Nikki and Mia, those lovely ladies who run ‘Time for Craft’. The rainbow dye kits are small packets of all six rainbow colours (10 grams per colour) -enough for a lifetime of colour!- are $15 AU plus postage. You can also purchase dark blue and red dyes (10gram each) for $2.50 AU per colour….

The most beautiful kindergarten in the world- Part Two

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The thing I love about visiting thoughtfully prepared kindergarten spaces is the inspiration for setting up a beautiful space.  Toy rooms don’t have to be full of broken junk. In fact, when WE adults care for the things they play with (much easier to do when we also love their toys), children too are much more likely to care for…

How to encourage imaginative play in young children

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Two words. Sleep. In. Yes, the other night I went to bed at 1am.  Not that unusual for a MamaMoontime at all, but Ned decided to wake at 5.50am the following morning. Of course, that would not do at all! So I gave him something to eat, and brought him into my bed with a book so I could snooze…

How to card wool with children

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There’s a step between a shearer shearing a sheep’s coat of wool, and holding a ball of wool in your hand that is often overlooked.  It is the process of ‘carding’.  This is simply brushing the clean fleece so that all the fibres run in one direction.  In modern times, this work is done by a machine but in the…

How to make a ‘Twistie’ Rope out of wool

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Sometimes, we just need rope. Rope can be used for an unlimited amount of things. For making cubbies and  horse reins, to hang cloths for a puppet show, as bag handles, as decorative borders on things, to sew a floor rug…. what else can you think of?? Children LOVE rope. It is also especially good for Star Birthday headbands! (My…