How To Make A Doll In A Matchbox Party Favour

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Doll In A Matchbox Party Favour

Doll in a Matchbox Party Favour   No. 16 in the 30 Days of Dolls Series: “Jack & the Beanstalk“   Have you ever seen a doll in a matchbox party favour, birthday treasure, or toy? These sweet but super simple dolls come in all shapes and sizes. I have quite a few I’ve collected from Waldorf fairs, fetes and…

How To Make Felt Flowers: DIY Bookmark

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how to make felt flowers

Project #22: How To Make Felt Flowers: DIY Bookmark Time: 30 minutes Difficulty: Making flowers is lovely fun!   I needed a new bookmark, and inspired by the twistie rope that keeps the communication book at Ned’s preschool open for us to read and write in, I thought I’d make a flower inspired one. I learned how to make felt flowers…

How to make handmade iphone cases using felt

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handmade felt iphone case pm

I’ve been thinking about handmade iphone cases for a while and finally sewed this handmade iphone case because I’m always losing my phone in my bag!  Now, I have it clipped onto a keyring that is attached to the handle of my bag. I can just pop my hand in and pull it out, like a magician who whips the…

Making a doll: Felt “Peapod Baby”

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making a doll

Making a doll: Felt “Peapod Baby” by Catherine Penwarn.     The first thing to do when making the sweet peapod baby is to take a small bead or a felt ball and cover it with a 6cm square piece of tricot/flesh coloured knit.  Cath’s tip is to ensure the fabric threads run vertically over the head (as opposed to…

Making dolls – Wood and Wire Doll Tutorial: Girl

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making dolls

Making dolls- A wood and wire doll tutorial (girl)   I love these little dolls.  They are just divine. Perfect for play, and storytelling and as a nature table prop. This is how you make a little girl wood and wire doll.       Cut two patterns in your favourite coloured felt.     Once your dress is cut…

Making dolls: Wood and Wire Doll Tutorial (boy)

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making dolls

Making dolls: Wood and wire doll tutorial (Boy)       A few weeks ago, we began our Crafternoons again. I was the first host and wanted to try making dolls. As this was the only crafternoon before Easter, we made these little Easter-inspired dolls. They are simple because they use a wood and wire frame, but can be easily…

GIVEAWAY: Chicken Family Kit for Easter by Indigo Inspirations

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Would you like to make your own Easter gift for your children this year?   Enter this giveaway now!   This giveaway is NOW CLOSED. Jo, from Indigo Inspirations, has offered one lucky MamaMoontime reader the chance to win this delightful Chicken Family Kit including Mama Hen and her three babies. The kit includes everything you need to make the four…

Easter Rabbit Hair Clip for Girls

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Are you thinking about making something to go into your little girl’s Easter basket? Why not make one of these- an Easter Rabbit inspired hair clip set. You’ll need a hair clip like this, two pieces of felt cut in a rounded triangle shape slightly bigger than the hairclip, and pieces of felt cut in your design. Firstly, use straight…

Sorting activity for children: thread pegs

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Do your children like to sew? Letting children into my thread box is kind of like asking for a cotton thread whirlwind. No matter how careful they are, my threads end up everywhere, tangled and knotted. Then I saw this magnificent idea one day. Simply wind a small amount of coloured thread around a wooden peg and thread the end…

Embroidery Hoop Art Template Preparation

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I love a blank slate for creative inspiration, and I adore cheap and cheerful crafts too.  Embroidery hoop art meets all these necessary requirements.  Right now, my creative brain is in washing machine mode- agitating the dirt to make way for fresh, new ideas.  Maybe yours is too? But we can prepare for the new fruits of our imaginations, can’t…

Whip (saddle) stitch, a step-by-step photographic tutorial

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whip stitch pm

Whip stitch, also called saddle stitch, is one of those staple, quick and easy stitches that should be in your repertoire.  It can be used to join two pieces of fabric together, to close or seal an area or for decoration too. Here we go. Hold your two pieces of fabric together.  Thread your needle with a length of cotton, in…

Spider Web, or Rose, Stitch tutorial

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spider web rose stitch pm

  Another embroidery stitch I love is the ‘Spider Web’ or ‘Rose’ stitch.     Simply find the place on your material where you wish to place the spiderweb/rose. Thread a needle with a long piece of cotton and bring it up from underneath the fabric. The knot at the end of your string will stop the thread coming right…

Back stitch tutorial

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back stitch tutorial pm1

  The three most important stitches that I use are Blanket Stitch, Gathering/Straight Stitch and Back Stitch. When I worked in the kindergarten, these were the three essential skills they needed to tackle just about any crafty challenge. If 4 and 5-year-olds can master it, then anyone can. Yay for easy crafty expertise!   This is back stitch.    …