Star Stitch tutorial

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star stitch

  I often like to make little quick embroidery stitches on my projects. The Star Stitch is one of my favourites. Of course it is, my former blog identity wasn’t MamaMoontime for no reason!  Night skies and stars are my world. Yours too?     Just thread a needle and be sure to tie a knot in the end of…

Gathering (or Straight) Stitch: A how-to tutorial

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straight stitch pm

  If you know just a few basic stitches, you can pretty much sew anything. My favourites are blanket stitch, gathering stitch, backstitch and daisy stitch and a bullion knot for embroidery embellishing.     Children can do them too. Simply thread a needle, tie a knot on the tail to stop the thread going right through, and bring the…

Prince and Princess Crown Headbands: A how-to tutorial

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On Friday 6th January, we attended a Royal Gathering, the “Fete des Rois”. (You can read about our adventure at Lavendilly House) Of course, one cannot attend a royal gathering without a title or a crown. Whilst Ned is informally known as Ned, Prince of Books, for this occasion he took a new title. “Sir Truck-a-lot“ Yes, when Ned was…

Waldorf doll making theory by Jennifer McCormack

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doll by jen

The Secret of the Doll: BEAUTY, TRUTH and GOODNESS by guest writer, Jennifer McCormack.   BEAUTY Waldorf dolls were inspired by the teachings of Dr Rudolf Steiner and by the doll-sculpting techniques of Kathe Krusse. They were originally very simple dolls possessing the barest essence of humanness in their features, for this allowed the child the freedom to connect to…

How to make a Felt-covered Christmas shopping notepad

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I’m a big believer in bringing beauty and creativity to even the smallest of things.   (In my MamaMoontime Club course and soon-to-be-published book, there is a whole session on this! Find out more by visiting )   There is no excuse for an ugly notepad in your handbag after this! Firstly, cut out a piece of felt about…