Spring Songs For Kids Youtube: “I Like The Flowers”

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spring songs for kids youtube

 Watch Amber sing a spring song for kids on Youtube   Whenever I hear a lovely tune, there is nothing worse than being unable to recall it later. So now, I’ll often sing it into my iphone so I remember it. Doing this helps me to keep the song tune as close to the original as I can. You see,…

Waldorf Spring Festival Celebration Ideas

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waldorf spring celebration ideas

On Wednesday last week, Ned’s preschool celebrated the arrival of Spring! Oh, I do think this is my favourite time of year. The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, joy is everywhere. And of course, celebration is in the air. Ned’s Spring Festival began with a quiet gathering inside. The children sat on chairs in a circle, or on…

Making a doll: Felt “Peapod Baby”

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making a doll

Making a doll: Felt “Peapod Baby” by Catherine Penwarn.     The first thing to do when making the sweet peapod baby is to take a small bead or a felt ball and cover it with a 6cm square piece of tricot/flesh coloured knit.  Cath’s tip is to ensure the fabric threads run vertically over the head (as opposed to…

How to make Rainbow Sand Vases

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The winter wattle is fading, which is a sure sign that Spring is on the way and what better way to celebrate than making a colourful vase to welcome the new blossoms? (The little bumble bees are from the Summer Swap I just received from Catherine in the USA).  Gorgeous, aren’t they!) Firstly, you’ll need about 1/2 bucket of white…

Making dolls: simple felt flower doll

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Making dolls: simple felt flower doll Here is what you need to gather. The length of the felt is about 6 cm. The width of the dark blue piece is approx 4cm whilst the other pale blue width is approx 2cm. Firstly, take the large piece. Fold it in half so the two short sides meet and sew it up using blanketstitch….

Springtime Flowers and Butterfly Game by Jana D’Arville and Kellie Dean

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We recently had a chance to make up our own game.   This one, by Jana and Kellie, was the favourite of the night. You might like to use the tune to “In the Springtime Garden” from the Wynstone’s series as they did, or make up your own tune.   In the springtime garden Where we sing and go Butterflies…

How to make a Treasure Hunt to welcome Spring!

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Our Spring Festival was a Family Treasure Hunt in our favourite local park. For many years, I have hosted Spring celebrations- Maypole dances, Spring fairy rings, flower garland making, and so much more, but never a treasure hunt. This is just the right kind of thing that every member of the family can engage in! We arrived to find that…