Valentine’s Day sweet biscuit LOVE bombs

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  Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and I always like to do a little something, simply to recognise and acknowledge ‘love’ in all the forms it comes.   For me, it’s not just about romantic love. (although of course, that is lovely.) I also like to give thanks for the ‘love’ that is present each day when…

Valentine’s Day Crafts

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I love Valentine’s Day. Many years ago, I held a Valentine’s Day party for a bunch of my girlfriends.  It was a night to help us all remember to love our husbands or partners, our friends and our family members, but also ourselves.  It was such a divine thing to share stories of love, not just romantic love, but things…

Valentine Tea cup tags DIY tutorial

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I’m a BIG fan of secret love notes, and not-so-secret love notes too. I love treasure hunts, and scribed messages hidden in lunchboxes and briefcases and I adore livening up our daily moments with simple fancies too.  Valentine’s Day is coming up. Why not make your love well-known with a Valentine teacup tag too? I saw this ‘wreath’ pattern idea…

Felt love-heart pouch basket DIY tutorial

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To make a felt love heart basket or pouch, fold one A4 sheet of 3mm wool felt in half. (The fold should be on the long side). Place your love heart template as shown at the base of the felt.  Cut a ‘handle’ from the top of the ‘m’ shape to the fold, as shown. Blanket stitch (see side bar…

A Valentine Love Heart Game for little children

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Happy Valentine’s Day!! Our Valentine Tree. Actually, I was going to use a real branch. But I bought these ‘sticks’ on Saturday for another project to come, and when I was about to pull them apart, I saw that I had actually purchased a cone shaped trellis! Wonderful!! The love notes hang around the tree, ready to be given to…

Peekaboo love heart note card DIY tutorial

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Are you planning on leaving a love note anywhere on Valentine’s Day? Here is a simple way to make a love heart peekaboo card to surprise your favourite loved ones. I’ve just made 36, one for everyone of my Moondew children, and one for my husband and two children too! Shhh, don’t tell! You’ll need a template to help cut…

How to make a Strawberry Cream Cheese Tart, perfect for Valentine’s Day

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Don’t these just look delicious?? And they really are as yummy as they look! And super easy too!! Why not make one of these for your Valentine?? Strawberry Cream Cheese Tart Dough: (Makes enough for two large tarts) 550 gram flour 40 gram icing sugar 375 gram butter  (Cold butter, cut into cubes, is what you normally use when making…