How To Make Wee Folk Dolls With Beads

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how to make wee folk dolls apple child

How to make wee folk dolls with beads. No. 18 in the 30 Days of Dolls Series: A variation on Waldorf doll ‘root children’, this apple child will set your heart aflutter.   Many years ago, I remember seeing a little ‘root child’ made of two dark brown beads glued together, covered in brown material. I also had something similar…

Angel or Fairy Wee Peg Dolls: A how-to tutorial

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angel peg dolls

My friend Valerie made these dolls many years ago. I have always loved them as they have sat on my ornament shelf. So, when I needed to make some angel dolls for a recent swap organised by Margaret of We Bloom Here , I made a new set of golden angels too. My peg doll forms come from Casey’s Wood…

How to make a wool wrapped fairy doll with pipe cleaners

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wool wrapped fairy dolls

I’ve always loved fairies and pixies and goblins. My favourite book as a child was The Enchanted Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton. I remember wishing that I could join Jo, Bessie and Fanny on just one journey to the top of that tree. Those lands… ¬†weren’t they just amazing? But I also loved reading about the little brownies and fairies…

The Art of Wood burning by Hallie Lindal

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Today’s guest is Hallie Lindal from Our Broken Road Hallie is a home-schooling mama with two children who loves to read, craft and teach. She has her own etsy shop Hands On Fun and is also on Facebook. When Hallie sent me this article, my heart and hands tingled! It is not often I find a completely new crafty tool…

How to make a ‘Winter Wattle’-inspired wee peg doll

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winter wattle peg dolls

To make a winter wattle inspired peg doll, you’ll need a wooden peg doll form. The first step is to paint your wee doll forms using acrylic paint. Wattle friends bodies can be forest green. Then cut out these two templates from lemon yellow coloured felt. The top form is Mr Wattle’s coat. The bottom form is Miss Wattle’s skirt….

Peg doll characters: Milly Molly Mandy and friends by Joyce Lancaster Brisley

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This is my Milly Molly Mandy inspiration. Oops, she needed a white belt, not a red one! Billy Blunt, Milly Molly Mandy, Little friend Susan. And I’m inspired to make story sets with these dolls. Simple, and easy to carry. This is Little Red Riding Hood (or Red Cap, her traditional name). I first painted her hair, and fringe. Then,…

How to make a sunflower wee peg doll

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The first step in making a sunflower doll is to paint a hairstyle. I like flicks and cute curls, and swirls that tickle the doll’s cheeks. I use Montemarte acrylic paints. These cost about $12 for a set of small pots in 12 rainbow colours, but any fair to good quality, acrylic paints will do. The wee doll forms are…

Painted Wee Wooden Dolls at Moondew Playgroup

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Inspired by the lovely Margaret, from We Bloom Here¬†, the children and adults from Moondew have been busy painting their own little set of wee wooden dolls. You can kind of see the ones that have had a little adult help! But this is only Stage one. Stage two is next week- adding embellishments such as felt hats, capes, bead…